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Salmon fishing in Alaska amazing fly fishing for salmon

Hosted Salmon Fishing Bristol Bay Alaska

Hosted Salmon Fishing Reports. Ideal for SINGLE ANGLERS. Come join us on our annual group trips to Bristol Bay Lodge, the perfect way to meet and make new friends while experiencing the best Salmon fly fishing Alaska has to offer.

So if you are looking for the full Alaska experience; seeing lots of different rivers and catching many species in one day (often as many as you could handle in one day or even a week), with our own full qualified guide at hand from beginning to end, then this definitely the holiday for you! There are many choices on a given day. For example, between the lower river is full of fresh silvers while the upper river with large rainbows, or there are spots on the river riddled with char alongside many other species. We have carefully selected a top weeks which will place you right in the middle of the Salmon.

Each day the fishing is scheduled the evening before and the destination board is posted showing your pilot, guides, destination, species available, time of departure and your fishing companions for the day. This then gives you plenty of time with Phil the evening before to prepare your tackle according to the area you will be heading to and the species you will be encountering – now this is where Phil’s experience really does pay off; making sure you are well planned for the day ahead and we all know what that means? More fish.

If that was not enough, after spending an evening or two at the lodge, you will depart for one of two fishing destinations that will later involve an overnight experience at one of two outpost camps. Northwest of the lodge is Birch Creek Camp. Directly west of the lodge is Rainbo Camp, located on the tidewater/confluence of two exceptional rivers. Additionally, just a short boat ride from the Bristol Bay Lodge’s front door is the world-famous Agulowak River.

Bristol Bay Lodge maintains exclusive leases on the two most exceptional river fisheries in all of the Bristol Bay Region. To describe these outpost camps as just “great fishing” would be to ignore what is possibly the best overall wilderness experience in Alaska today. Picture yourself witnessing phenomenal scenery and wildlife below as you come in to land on the pond that services the camp facilities. Once landed, your guides will take hold of the airplane’s guide ropes and smoothly tail it up on shore. You unload and spend a few minutes chatting with the outgoing group about the spectacular fishing they have experienced just that day. You take a moment to look around at the stunning beauty and the serenity inherent in all of remote Alaska, then continue to the camp thinking about the amazing fishing you have already experienced that day while day dreaming about the fishing to come. You turn just in time to see the pilot lift off the water, bank and turn away from you and across a cloudless blue sky; the smile on your face is one of anticipation. You arrive at the intimate camp perched on the banks of the river and begin to chat with the guides who are already planning your next fishing adventure. Definitely a trip not to be missed!

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customer flying out to do some remote fly fishing for salmon Hosted Salmon Fishing Reports
customer holding a fresh sockeye salmon from Alaska Hosted Salmon Fishing Reports
Hosted Salmon Fishing Reports Kirk holding a cracking big Chum Salmon from Alaska, the best fly fishing destinations for salmon
Planes waiting to fly all our customer out to fly fish for salmon Hosted Salmon Fishing Reports
Hosted Salmon Fishing Reports a misty morning in Alaska fly fishing for salmon
Hosted Salmon Fishing Reports

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