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Norway Fishing Report

Packed For Soroya Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report I can’t believe my hosted trip to the land of the big cod, Soroya Northern Norway, is here once again. It seems like just the other day I was writing my final Norway Fishing Report and hopefully this year will be just as good as last year.

Norway Fishing Report Tuesday morning I had a knock on the office door with a very red faced delivery driver standing there holding on to a very large box for me. At last my Big Bobs Shads had turned up. If you are not familiar with these Shads then take a look at one of my previous Norway Fishing Report. These Shads have been designed for Skrei fishing (cod fishing) in this part of the world. It took many years to get them exactly right for this type of extreme fishing. With them being 45cm long and weighing 730g they are massive! In fact they weigh more than my biggest shore caught fish this winter, well we won’t go there….

When people ask me why we go so far North Norway I just show them the results of previous Norway Fishing Report we get and they completely understand. This area gets a run of spawning cod that come close enough in to reach with our boats and this only lasts for around 6 weeks a year. I have pre booked 2 weeks right in the middle for my hosted trips to target these Cod.

The fight you get from these Cod is like no other fight from any cod in Norway, they are pumped up for spawning and very aggressive taking 40 – 50 yards of line on their first run. The cod, once boated, are treated with great respect and are ALL returned to fight another day. The reason why they all go back is due to the depth we catch them averaging around 20 – 60meters deep. The bigger Cod always sit on top of the shoals taking the small weak fish, which in turn makes it very easy for us to target the bigger cod, as we don’t have to waste time with the 20 – 30lb Cod!!

The camp its self is very professionally run with many Norwegian guides on hand to advise us of any bad weather fronts coming and to tell us where the fish are being caught so there is no time wasted hunting them down. There is a great restaurant and bar on site serving some great beers and some well deserved hot meals. The cabins are very modern and spacious and offer a great view of the open ocean and the perfect place to sit and write my Norway Fishing Report

If you would like to come on this trip I have only a couple of places left for 2014 but have now managed to secure two weeks for 2015. For both years we would only need a £200 deposit per person per week to secure your place as believe me, once you have had a taste of what this area has to offer you will not want to go any where else

Please keep an eye on our website for this years Norway Fishing Report that I will be writing on my return, hopefully with lots of massive Cod pictures. If you would like to view this tour please Click Here or simply give me a call on 01603 407596

So until then, tight lines and hopefully see you on next years trip


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