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Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report Hosted Soroya 2014

Norway Fishing Report Wow, what a trip… With some huge Norwegian Cod caught, lots of great new friends made and some hilarious stories told, it’s hard to believe that it has come to an end all ready.

I will start this Norway Fishing Report with the first week, which started on Tuesday 25th March 2014 and would be a 9-day trip for the first set of guys. The drive down to Gatwick over and done with it was time to meet up with the first group of 8 guys in a pub at Gatwick airport. Once everyone had turned up and introduced themselves it was time for me to gee the guys up with tales of the previous year and how exciting the Island of Soroya would be and what roughly to expect, I could already see them getting that twinkle in their eyes the same as kids do on Christmas Eve…..

Guys getting there tackle ready Norway Fishing Report

The first flight on Tuesday to Oslo went very quickly and we found ourselves sitting in the bar at the overnight hotel in Oslo where i started to write my Norway Fishing Report and after several beers it was time to hit the sack as the following day is set to be a long one. At around 5am my alarm sounds and it was time to go down for a quick breakfast then on our way back to Oslo airport for our onward flight to Alta

A huge snowball Norway Fishing Report

Neither of these flights are very long so they fly by and before we knew it we were touching down at Alta for the final piece of the journey which is around 3 hours by coach and a quick crossing by ferry onto the Island of Soroya. You may be thinking that this sounds like a lot of travelling but the best fishing is always the hardest to get to

a very snowy road in this Norway Fishing Report

Finally we arrived at the camp at around 6pm on Wednesday and were met by the Guides on the camp, which then showed the entire group to each cabin. Once the guys had settled in and unpacked it was time for the Head Guide and myself to give all the guys a quick chat about safety at sea where the dry room was and how to fish for these Huge Cod. I could see the guys looking very excited about what was going to happen the following day and with the talk over it was time to relax and have a couple of drinks, which I find always helps the guys to relax and open up with each other. The rest of the night was spent talking about life in general and of course, fishing. The guys were very keen to get started the following day so a time was agreed with the entire group that we would be on the water for 8am the next day as the weather was looking very good. So i quickly jotted down a few words for my Norway Fishing Report and then went to bed

A view of the cabins at soroya Norway Fishing Report
Head guide talking to the other anglers Norway Fishing Report

Day 2 Thursday

The first days fishing of my Norway Fishing Report was upon us and with all the guys ready by 7:30 we headed down to the boats for what turned out to be a great day. Once we had loaded the boats up with what looked to be an entire stock of a tackle shop, it was time to head out to our first fishing mark. The advantage of this Island is that it is surrounded by the spawning grounds for these huge Barents Sea cod and they descend upon this Island for around 5 – 6 weeks from middle of March to end of April and they come in very close to the Island normally around 20 minute steam

Norway Fishing Report of 4 guys ready to go fishing
 With the first shoal of fish found it was straight to work with 4 Big Bob’s launched overboard all in different patterns. David Hoolhouse was the first in and his very first fish smashed his previous PB and a huge smile followed, pictures done and she swam free. The shoal we were fishing seemed to be a small fish shoal, small for Soroya, so I got the guys to reel up and set off for another great fishing mark.
a man catching a big cod Norway Fishing Report soroya
mike with a huge cod Norway Fishing Report
 The second shoal I found seem to hold some promise and with the shout out for 50 mtrs down done, the guys launched their Big Bob’s down. Several 10 – 15 kilo Cod later, I noticed David Gatehouse into a very large fish which was stripping line and heading for the bottom, I didn’t make my way over to him as I find that it puts people under pressure, but kept an eye on him. A little while into the fight I kept hearing from a tired David, “I need some help guys” which all things considered he may have been right because as I made my way over an absolutely huge Cod lay on the surface… It was stunning and very big, I do not think the guys realised how big and special this fish was. I promptly asked David to step backwards with his rod so I could lean out and retrieve his fish of a lifetime, with a strong grip on his leader I leant over to chin the fish into the boat and to my surprise I struggled, it wasn’t until then that I actually realised myself that it was big. So with one last heave I managed to boat this spectacular Cod and as it lay beneath me I looked at it then looked at David and smiled. David couldn’t believe it that he had caught such a massive fish on the first day fishing, I simply said “That’s Soroya” and laughed
this man has just hooked a massive cod Norway Fishing Report
a 60lb cod caught from Norway Fishing Report soroya
 The fish was quickly weighed, for everyone out there that loves weighing fish she went 31.5 kilo which is 75lb’s, and a few pictures later she was safely returned to swim free and carry on its life. I was over the moon for David and is what makes my job so rewarding to see a grown man whimper in the fight and then huge smiles that will last for a life time.
this cod is massive look at the rest of this Norway Fishing Report
 The rest of the day was spent catching fish ranging from 10 – 25 kilo too many to remember. The other guys in the guide boat also had an awesome day catching the same stamp of fish as us but none over the magic 30-kilo mark. We think between the 2 boats and 8 guys fishing we had over 20 20kilo fish plus a 31.5kilo and hoards of fish between 10 and 20 kilo
his biggest ever cod from soroya Norway Fishing Report

All in all a great first days fishing for all

Day 3 Friday of this Norway Fishing Report

What can I say but “S***T weather” I got the dreaded call at around 630am from the head guide to say that the weather had got really bad overnight and there was to be no fishing for today and possible tomorrow… I hate that phone call as I have to go round and inform my guys of the horrible news, but to my surprise the guys just took it all on board and said that there was nothing I could do about it. With this bad news the guys were looking for things to do, some went and fished the harbour for flatties and some just relaxed in the cabin.

The harbour wall around Soroya Norway Fishing Report

Now this Island isn’t the best place to be when the weather is rough as there isn’t too much to do. So lesson learned, take some cards a good book and maybe laptop, as there is free Wi-Fi at the camp

Tossing pancakes at soroya Norway Fishing Report
 DAY 4 Norway Fishing Report Saturday

More bad news, again no fishing day… This is not good news as I know the fish are just outside the Island and we cannot get at them, but again the guys were totally understanding and done their own things which helped pass the time

excellent sunset at soroya Norway Fishing Report soroya
DAY 5 Sunday Norway Fishing Report
As I woke up today, the first thing I done was to listen for the wind and to my surprise I could hardly hear it, it was still there but nowhere as bad as it had been. So we all had breakfast and I gave the guide a quick call to see what was happening, he had said to me that it was looking ok at around 12pm but was due to turn again at 4pm so that was that we were all fired up for a short session and hopefully get back out to the huge shoals of hungry Cod.

Floatation suits on and it was time to hit the water, the guys looked a bit nervous of the state of the sea but the guide and myself would never take people out if it looked dangerous. So off we set, riding the waves, which looked very big, but these boats are some of the most stable boats I have ever driven and I knew they would simply ride the waves with great confidence. Once we got out to the Cod grounds and boat set up it was time for our first drift. Now don’t get me wrong, it was rough but fishable and at the end of the day the guys were here to fish not sit in the cabins, so we were out there. After just a couple of drifts I could see fatigue was already setting in and a few people looked a slightly green colour. The guide boat came over the Radio and said his guys had had enough and were heading in so I asked my guys and they agreed that they also wanted to head in. I don’t blame them as it was choppy but there was fish out there to catch, but tomorrow was looking really good with the winds changing and blowing from the east, which will flatten the sea

three very happy friends fishing Norway Fishing Report
The snow has settled on this fisherman Norway Fishing Report
 DAY 6 Monday
Now this is what I wanted to see every morning of this Norway Fishing Report, a calm no wind day and clear skies. We had all decided the night before that we would head out at around 8am and fish late so with the morning upon us it was time to head out for what looked to be a great day on the water. Motors fired up it was time to head out and try for some of the real big ones. This was the order of the day just to fish for big fish, sometimes this means you catch less fish but normally what you do catch are of a bigger size. The way we target the big Cod is for the skipper to drive round until he spots the bigger fish on the finder and these are spotted above the shoals of Cod and are waiting for the weak and injured cod to fall out of the shoal.

So with the first shout out of a certain depth the guys all fired their Big Bob’s at this fish. Normally if everyone is fishing at the right depth it will create almost a small shoal and encourages the big fish to feed. Chris Barnes was first into big fish and quickly up popped the first 20 kilo fish of the day, well done Chris

Man cradling his huge skrei cod from Norway Fishing Report
Guide holding a big fat Cod Norway Fishing Report
Stunning cod from Soroya Norway Fishing Report
 As you may imagine the fish just kept coming this day and I quickly lost count of the figures of fish we had but we boated them to a massive 29kilo that day. The guide boat also had an awesome day with Cod to 28kilo and he also lost count of the fish they had caught. All I can say is “Soroya Crazy Fishing”
He is so very happy with his biggest cod Norway Fishing Report
The mouth of these cod are huge Norway Fishing Report
 DAY 7 Tuesday

After yesterdays Crazy fishing experience the guys arms were killing so they all decided that it would be a late start and 10am was agreed and we would target the smaller cod and then try for some Halibut.

With the small cod fishing over it was looking good for some Halibut fishing close to the harbour. For Halibut we like a rising tide so with this in mind we tried our luck. The guide boat done a lot better than us and had 2 Halibut one of 142cm and one of 85cm, at this time of the year any Halibut is a good Halibut. We only managed 3 Wolf fish and some sad looking Cod………

A big halibut from Soroya Norway Fishing Report

At around 4pm I called it a day as all the guys needed to get back to the harbour to clean the boats and refuel, not to mention pack and clean the cabins. On the last day the Restaurant/Bar put on a Thank you meal of normally Pork Loins and fries with salad but is all you can eat buffet style. With this in mind every one was packed by 7pm and was heading for the bar to feed and drink what turned out to be a lot of beer, I think they drunk the pub dry so they started working their way through the spirits.

Norway Fishing Report from the guys at the bar
Last drinks at the bar in Soroya Norway Fishing Report
What a lovely meal of king crab Norway Fishing Report
A man standing in his pants and wellies Norway Fishing Report
 I managed to drag myself out of the bar at around 11:30pm but my guys just kept on drinking, baring in mind that the coach would be leaving at 04:30am. I was asleep by midnight but was woken at around 03:45am by the front door of the cabin being opened. I looked up and noticed the guys just getting back… I said “you are up early” and to my surprise the answer was “We have only just got back from the pub” I laughed to myself and thought, that they will regret that on the way home…

DAY 8 Wednesday

So with all the guys safely on the coach for their return it was time for me to sit back and relax before the next group of lucky anglers make their way to this little piece of paradise.

So thank you for reading this report and I will post Week 2 up next week.

If you would like to read full details of this destination Click Here

Until then, Tight Lines

Paul Stevens Sportquest Holidays Guide

Sunset over Soroya last day Norway Fishing Report


  1. Walter Turnbull

    Wonderful trip, great company and guides, and the fishing cannot possibly be beaten.
    Well done Paul, you did us proud, all PB’s well and truly smashed…. sorry to have put so much pressure upon you to deliver; we will certainly be coming back.


    Walter Turnbull

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Thanks Walter I know Paul loved hosting all you guy’s and lets all look forward until next time.

      Regards Peter

    2. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi Walter

      Sorry i only just have realised you commented. it was a great trip and one i will never forget. It was also great to meet you and your buddies and glad the place lived up to your expectations (i told you i would smash your PB’s….)

      Hopefully will guide you another time


  2. David Thistleton

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for a brilliant Holiday its defiantly something i will remember for a long time to come

    All the best David

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi David

      Not a problem and glad you had a great time. The fishing in Soroya is something you only dream of and can not quite believe it until you have actually witnessed it…. Until next time David thanks for joining me



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