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Norway Fishing Report

Hosted Sandbakken Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway I cannot believe I am already sitting back in the office writing my Fishing Report Norway on this years Group Trip to Sandbakken Northern Norway. This destination is one of my personal favourites as the camp is set amongst some of the finest scenery one will find in Norway. It has stunning views from each cabin and the fishing grounds are normally found very close by.

After speaking to every one the day before we were due to meet up at Gatwick and all final questions answered it was time to depart for this excellent location. Now this area is a very mixed fishery, where you can catch so many different species, nothing massive but still great fun at this time of year.

Fishing Report Norway my normal trip is taken in April which is when the Fjords are full of those really hard fighting big Coalfish, which if you are a follower of my blogs you will see from last year and the year before that we do very well. This year we picked a week in July that had very big tides and was hoping to mainly target Halibut and Plaice. July is a funny month in Norway as you will see from previous Fishing Report Norway and it is what we class as an in between month where a lot of the big Coalfish and Cod have left the Fjords for the open Sea leaving behind the smaller fish, with the odd bigger one thrown in, and in turn the Halibut really switch on as there are lots of their favourite food left for them to gorge them selves on. Halibut love small Haddock to snack on and this time of the year the fjords are full of them.

With this in mind we set out for Halibut on many occasions and found a few on the way. The first bite was for a guy called Victor, unfortunately this fish decided to take around 50mtrs of line just to turn round and spit the hook out, better luck next time. I have seen many Halibut hooked and this looked like a very good one, but you cannot win them all.

So we decided to go and target some Cod and Coalfish. These proved fairly difficult to locate and had to really work hard for the better-sized fish, but that is what keeps us as fishermen coming back. Once we had found the better sized fish and found out what state of the tide they were feeding it was a lot easier as you will read later in this Fishing Report Norway.

We had found that all the smaller fish fed all the time but the big ones would only want to play around an hour after the top of the tide and would only feed for around an hour then it was back to catching the smaller ones, which is great fun and I had a very good group of guys with me this year that just were happy if they had a bend in their rod.

I had decided to try and get the guys to fish mainly during the night, even though its 24hr daylight in July, the fish still feed harder at night as the sun is slightly lower in the sky. fortunately for us, high tide was mainly during the night.

The weather for this Fishing Report Norway was a little harsh during our week, the first day was brilliant sunshine no wind and t-shirt weather and then it gradually got worse, but being from England we are use to this weather. To be honest I know its nice fishing in flat calm waters with sunshine but I don’t really rate it as good fishing conditions. I prefer overcast with a little wind to help your drifts as this part of the fjords; one doesn’t get much of a drift with out wind.

A bay that I always target the Halibut in was high up on my places I wanted to take the guys and it didn’t let me down. As it is where we caught our biggest Cod and Halibut. The lucky angler who hooked and landed this Halibut was Andy White who I was really pleased for, as he had worked so hard. Every time I stopped the boat he was the first to drop his tackle and last to reel in.

When I saw him hook this fish, I straight away could see it was a halibut. We were fishing in around 15mtrs of water and the fish once hooked was very determined to get as far away from us as possible. So once I saw this happening I told the other guys to reel in so we could keep over the top of the fish to make it easier for Andy to reel in. this fish was fighting very well and the noise coming from Andy’s clutch was telling me that it was of a good size. After around 5minutes of fighting the fish, it was almost ready to be boated, with the greatest care I lent out of the boat and got his prize. Once I had a good hold of his Halibut I turned to him to see a huge smile on his face.

We got her aboard and weighed it and took some cracking pictures. Andy was one of those anglers, which I love as he was just there to catch fish and release them and with this in mind he already wanted to put her back to her watery home.

With handshakes done and pictures viewed it was straight back to fishing again, the rest of the evening was spent catching Cod and Coalfish

We also managed a few new species for me in Norway, including Whiting, big Dab, Thrornback Ray and what I think was a fish called Shads.

All in all, the trip was very good with some great new friendships made and would just like to say a huge thank you to the group who made this trip one I will never forget. Reuben, Andy, Paul and Dean, Duncan, Keith and Victor and a special thanks to the owner of the camp for looking after us so well

So until next time keep reading our blogs and look forward to one day maybe guiding you to some of these fantastic destinations

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