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Norway Fishing Report

Hosted Trips Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report have you ever fancied going to Norway, but cannot find the right amount of people to fill a cabin. Well now is the perfect time, as we have only a couple of places left on our Hosted trips to Norway for next year and to avoid disappointment contact us now and we can advise you on the best trip to fit your requirements and make sure you check out all of our other Norway Fishing Report.

The first Norway Fishing Report of the year is to the World famous Soroya, where the World record Cod was caught from this year at 103lb. This trip is by far my favourite as I am personally an out and out Cod angler and this place does it for me. We are regularly catching 20kilo Cod at this camp and these sized fish are classed as small which you will see in previous Norway Fishing Report!!! I know you maybe sitting there reading this and thinking it’s a sales pitch, but take my word for it, these Cod at this camp at the time of year we go are massive. To date we have had 6 fish over 30kilos and so many high 20’s that we have lost count. Speak to any one who has been to this camp and they will back me up, it has to be seen to be believed

The fishing is done from 23.5ft aluminium boats with 135hp engines and come fitted with all of the latest fish finding equipment. We have two boats on this trip, one is driven by myself and the other by our Norwegian Guide, so there is no need to worry about driving everything is taken care of all you have to worry about is if you can handle catching these record sized Cod that have featured in other Norway Fishing Report.

We have two weeks reserved for the next three years at peak times and if you would like to reserve a place for your self then please call us on 01603 407596

The second Hosted trip is to a camp that year after year is producing some very big Coalfish and Cod. The coalfish is what really attracts us to this camp as each year we catch several 30lb Coalfish and when these are not biting then we have the back up Cod to catch and these range from 10lb – 50lb. We have started to target the Halibut at this camp with some very good success. This trip is based on 8 people staying in two cabins and fishing from two boats, we always run this at peak times for the Coalfish, which is April and be sure to check out all our Sandbakken Norway Fishing Report.

The boats are 18ft fibre glass boats with 40hp engines which is perfect for fishing these flat calm fjords and can get you from spot to spot very quickly, again with this trip you will not need to worry about driving the boats all you will need to worry about is if you can hold on to these very hard fighting Coalfish, the fight is sometimes compared to the mighty Tuna

The third Hosted trip is to an area of Norway known as the Lofoten Islands which if you read any sea fishing magazines about Norway, this area will be mentioned. We have picked a week later on in the year, which has everything in our favour for targeting Halibut. The area around this camp is perfect habitat for flat fish being flat and sandy. Each year many halibut are caught from this area reaching their maximum size and one can expect many fish. The Plaice fishing is another draw to this area as if the Halibut are not feeding all you need to do is swap rods and try for a record sized Plaice, currently the camp record is 4.7kilo

The boats we have at this camp are 23.5ft Aluminium boats fitted with all the latest fish finding equipment. We will have two boats, one will be driven by myself and the other by our Norwegian guide so no need to worry about driving or fish locating.

If you would like to chat with me about these trips please call me on 01603 407596 or email me on and hopefully one day I will be guiding you to this most stunning place
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Until next time, tight lines

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