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Fishing Report Norway

Day 1 Sandbakken Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report this was written yesterday, but we struggled with Wifi connection so the Norway Fishing Report has been added today, we are up and running now though so daily Norway Fishing Report will be posted! Anyway here goes for yesterday…

Well its only been two weeks since we were last in Norway but today we left again to guide another group of customers to this sea fishing paradise! This time we have 16 customers onboard and are heading to one of our favourite lodges, the sandbakken lodge in the Sorriesa area.

In this first instalment of our Norway Fishing Report We left Norwich this morning about 8.00 and were soon on the way to Gatwick, after a cracking fry up on the way (now standard pre Norway food!) we arrived at our parking around 11.15 and were all checked in and through customs by about 1.30. The flight to Oslo was as straight forward as ever and before we new it we were back in the air and on the way to our final destination. After fourteen hours of traveling and many miles later we finally landed and were greeted by the lodge owner Christian at the airport in Bardufoss.

Now with eighteen of us in total, and most people having three bags and rod tubes, you can imagine that’s one hell of a lot of luggage! Luckily Christian had brought his mini bus and trailer making sure we had plenty of room, once fully loaded we took the short thirty minute drive to the cabins. Once there we sorted the luggage, organized the sleeping arrangements and cabins and then started to tackle up ready for the next six days fishing. With the fjord looking so calm and peaceful, and everyone eager to get out and get fishing I don’t think anyone will get too much sleep tonight! Its now half one and we’re all thinking… It’s going to be light in a couple of hours… shall we stay up!

Anyway first days fishing starts in a few hours time, so better TRY and get a few hours sleep! Hopefully we’ll have a nice Norway Fishing Report and a few pictures for you tomorrow so stay tuned!

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Tight Lines Paul


  1. Des

    Hi Guys I see BIG BOB is amongst the pirks. It worked well in Soroya hope it works as well in Sandbakken. If you guys do half as well as we did trust me you will have a brilliant unforgettable trip with stories and photo’s for your friends to be oh so envious of. As well as the fishing try to make time to take in some of the sceenary. Tuight LinesDes

  2. jc

    Can’t wait to read the blogs and see all the photos.Tight lines,good fishimg.

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