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Duck Shooting Argentina

Jacana Duck Hunting Report

Jacana Duck Hunting Report – Outstanding Start! – Beginning Of Season Report

The volume of ducks we are shooting is very high, after having an extremely rainy spring in many of our shooting areas and another rainy autumn, especially in April. The water level is very high but still slightly under normal levels. Most probably the ducks had 2 hatches this year and many species stayed in our area. We are shooting a good mixed bag of ducks, including rosys which is not very common in this time of the season. The weather has been very warm allowing us to have lunch outside on the porch most days. The predominant ducks we are shooting include both kinds of tree ducks, ( white faced and fulvous) and among the four species of teal, the silver are the most abundant. Rosys are also being seen in big numbers. With the coming of a cold front from the south we expect to see more pintails, widgeons, and bigger numbers of Rosys on their migration heading north.

Most of our blinds are buckets so hunters can be dry and enjoy comfortable shooting; we are also using boats to carry our guests to the blinds at times, especially people that have problems walking in the mud.

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Jacana Duck Hunting Report
Jacana Duck Hunting Report

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