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Kalum River Lodge Fishing Report

Kalum River Lodge fishing Report Canada

Kalum River Lodge Fishing Report August and we had a nice week with Steve and Ken fishing the Skeena, Kitimat and Kalum. Really enjoyed fishing with them. On a couple of days the water/weather conditions weren’t the best for fly fishing on the Skeena. However the guys still managed to catch nice Coho, Pinks,Chum, Chinook, Cuthroat, Dolly Varden and Rainbow on the fly and also lost several that we did not get a chance to see. The guys also caught some super Steelhead up to 16lb. Ken was really pleased as despite two previous Steelhead trips to Alaska he had failed to catch one.

We had an exciting day on the Kalum with Steve hooking a 40lb plus Chinook which jumped and tore off down the river, stripping all his fly line in about 10 seconds, and left him with just some torn up Dacron. It would have been a catch of a life time if he had landed it. Steve also lost another Chinook but Ken landed a 20lber.

Last day we drifted down the Kitimat – a beautiful river set in stunning scenery, it’s a superb river for the fly and the guys were into fish all day. The Chum was giving the guys great fights, a number of which the fish won. Steve was down to his backing again on several occasions! Ken hooked a nice Chum (photo attached) and both had a number of big pinks which put up a strong fight.

We also saw 4 grizzly bears (a sow with 3 older cubs) on the bank just up the river – one of the cubs was carrying a salmon up the bank. An amazing sight – we managed to capture them on the video.

As far as flies go, black egg-sucking leeches were working well, although a lot of different flies were catching particularly black, purple and green ones. The guy’s sink tips were far too light for most of the water we fish. We set them up with 14-18ft sink tips in T17.

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