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sea trout fly fishing Kau Tapen Argentina

Kau Tapen Lodge Report For February

Kau Tapen Lodge Report For February and in our seventh week at Kau Tapen we welcomed a group of guests who have been coming to our lodge for more than 15 years. All of them came from the United States.

As usual we started our week with the warm up session, on the afternoon of the day in which our clients arrived. Our guests really appreciate this extra session as no other lodge in the Rio Grande offers it. It’s a perfect chance to try their new tackle, and practice their casting after a long time without fishing before the real fishing week starts and most of the times they even catch a couple of fish.

We had a pretty good week despite the “strange” weather. We had no wind! And it was actually warm and sunny, which is absolutely uncommon in the Rio Grande. We felt like we were fishing anywhere else but in Tierra del Fuego!

We landed 120 fish out of 154 fish hooked. Some of them were really nice fish. This was too a better week in terms of numbers and average fish/day/rod comparing to last season.
We used floating lines, intermediate and slow sinking leaders and long leader as the water was quite still due to the lack of wind. We got a good number of fish on prince nymph, green machine and collie dog.

We also went to the Menendez a couple of times and fished very well. In two hours we caught a 19, 16 and 5 pounder on a single handed rod 8 weight. It was great fun and enjoyed some fantastic fights. When the conditions are right, the Menendez offers great opportunities and the fishing can be very interesting. In other words, I’d dare say that it can be more technical sometimes comparing to the main river. And the excitement of catching a huge fish in a small stream like the Menendez is priceless.

As usual our guests were very happy with the high quality of the food and the service offered at the lodge. The guides team also deserves a special mention!

We look forward to having you here enjoying the great lodging, human and fishing experience that Kau Tapen offers!

Hope to see you soon Kau Tapen Lodge Report For February


Some numbers:

120 fish caught hooked 154!

Average fish per rod: 2,24

8 fish above 15 pounds

2 fish above 20 pounds.

Biggest fish: 23 pounds

Biggest fish of the week was caught by Richard

Top rod: John with 21 fish.

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