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Sea Trout Fishing Report Kau Tapen

Sea Trout Fishing Report Kau Tapen January

Sea Trout Fishing Report Kau Tapen and our last group of fly fisherman has been visiting Kau Tapen for more than 20 years. They like to have the whole lodge for themselves, six people, all using a single guide on a single beat—which is a great option as it is always very productive.

Water levels and river conditions were ideal to start the week. However, Saturday and Sunday were hot days, warming the water to 17-18 degrees C. and putting down the fish for almost two days.

On Monday normal conditions prevailed, with wind, cooler weather, and optimum water temps of 11 to 13° C. Fish were present everywhere—both on the upper and lower beats. They jumped, rolled, and boiled, with several sea-runs caught per rod per day and impressive totals for such a small group. Guests also successfully experimented with lighter rigs with small flies.

Full floating lines, or a floating line with an intermediate tip was the norm, followed by a long leader and a Green Machine, rubber-leg nymph, or small nymph, and changing to a dark Woolly Bugger or leech for the last hour of light. The Sunray Shadow also worked in the faster runs… or when nothing else produced.

Most of the fish were ocean fresh and, more than anything, strong. We were surprised to see many medium-size fish (7 to 14 pounds) fighting like super-charged 20 pounders! Strong takes and surface boils and slashes.

In addition to the fishing, guests enjoyed their private lodge experience marked by top-shelf service at Kau Tapen. A lot of fishing stories, obviously, and it’s always great to host a group so familiar with the Rio Grande and its legends.

The Rio Grande fishery is remarkable, like no other in the world. Add Argentine hospitality and service, with a great team of guides, and you’re in for something special. This group will come back next year, as usual, for the same week and they are already looking forward to it.

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