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Kau Tapen Lodge Report April

Kau Tapen Lodge Report April and fishing wise, the week was slow despite a few fresh fish combined with sea runs already in the river preparing to spawn. We fished hard, using fast-sinking tips and full-sinking lines paired with both single- and two-handed rods.

Over the years our Argentinean friends have discovered the advantages of Spey rods on the Rio Grande—especially when the river is cold and the fish close to the bottom. Our guide team has taught them new casting techniques annually, and by now these guys are all experts. Spey rods make long casts, mending, and line control more efficient under an array of circumstances. We mostly fished leeches, as well as the Sunray Shadow. The best colors were chartreuse and orange.

Fishing consisted of deep, slow swings, getting into the prime zone when water temperatures drop below 6°C. Everyone got nice fish, including Mariano’s 20 pounder—the biggest fish of the week. Mariano enjoyed a lot of action on a chartreuse leech in the Polo Pool.

As usual everyone had a great time. They enjoyed the lodge and staff and for sure the company of our great team of guides. These guys deserve a round of applause for their hard work all season.

Now that the year is over, the Rio Grande’s incredible sea trout population will soon be spawning. This year we saw a significant number of smaller fresh fish in the river in addition to the big boys. It means that the fishery is healthy and it’s a good sign for the future.

I wish you great fishing for the remainder of 2013, which is just beginning in the northern hemisphere. And I hope to have most of you back next season to experience all the wonders of the Rio Grande and Kau Tapen Lodge.

The Stats

– We caught and landed 1,654 fish for 2,132 fish hooked

– Average fish per rod, per day: 1.84

– Average weight: 7.3 pounds
– Biggest fish for the season: 28 pounds in the Rio Grande; 22 pounds in the Menendez River

– 105 fish over 15 pounds landed and 16 fish over 20 pounds Kau Tapen Lodge Report April

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