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Fishing Report Norway

Customers Last Day Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway and today was the last days fishing for the customers, so we were all up and about at 5.30, the plan to make an early start and get as much fishing time in as we could, knowing that we would have to be back a little earlier to clean the boats and tidy the lodge.

Out fishing by half six, we headed to our usual favourite mark! The weather was fine and clear, and the first drift was text book! This didn’t last long though, as the wind started to pick up, clouds started to gather and the fishing went from comfortable to very uncomfortable in literally a matter of minutes! (Seems to be a bit of a recurring theme for our week!)

Second drift through and Paul was in, the fish put up an excellent scrap on his light 10-16lb outfit, taking many yards of line on its first few powerful runs. Everyone thought it was going to be another one of those big coalfish, but as the fish broke surface it was in fact a cracking Cod! We quickly got the fish aboard and had a few trophy shots with it before putting it on the scales, where it pulled the dial round to a very respectable 24lb 10oz! Great start to the day!

As we carried on fishing, the weather progressively got worse and the winds stronger, even with a drogue the wind and tide together made it impossible to drift effectively, so we decided to head into a shallow, slightly more sheltered bay to ride out the storm!

It soon became clear that the weather in the bay wasn’t going to be any better, and after 4 or 5 drifts, we all decided to head home, thoroughly soaked through and beaten by the conditions! At least we would be able to get in, get dryed, clean the boat lodge and relax for the rest of the day, before the customers fly home and before Paul and me take the 5 hour drive to our next destination!

Will blog on the road tomorrow on our drive from Sandbakken to Tromso, but just don’t expect anyfish, as I don’t think we expect to arrive in Tromso much before six o clock.

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Tight lines Paul

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