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sea trout fishing reports from Kau tapen Argentina

Fishing Report From Kau Tapen Lodge

Fishing Report From Kau Tapen and this week at Kau Tapen we welcomed a group composed of returning guests as well as new faces that came to enjoy the Kau Tapen experience. They were from USA, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom and Argentina.

We started the week with pretty much the same conditions we had at the end of the previous week. The river is rather low, very clear and the water temperature between 10 to 14°C. With these river conditions, we fished with floating lines, long leaders and nymphs. We also used some intermediate or slow sinking polyleaders when the pools were deeper or the fish were not active.

We have been using mostly nymphs, wonder bugs, and special patterns that our guide team are tying during their time off that are really effective. The flies of the week were without doubt the small wonder bug and the prince nymph.

Despite these conditions the fishing has been very good as we managed to hook and landed a lot of fish. The average catch per rod per day was 2.20 and the average weight 8.5 pounds. All the fish were very bright, powerful and gave our guests lots of fun with their long runs and great jumps! Our top rod, this week, was Mickael, with 23 fish. He also caught the biggest fish of the week, a beautiful fresh female weighing 26 pounds; the biggest fish of the season so far! He also got the most fish in one day with 9 fresh sea trout and some great sizes at 17, 15, 14 pounds. Well done Mickael! We had some very good days, like one when 23 fish were landed, but also some tougher days as well. That’s just fishing!

The weather has been nice and warm and not really windy but that changed quite often. It was very enjoyable to be out here fishing and catching some very nice fresh sea runs. All of our guests were delighted being here at Kau Tapen because of both the fishing and the staff. I would like to thanks the guide team that, once again, received very good comments from all our guests.

Furthermore during this week we had some beginners with two handed rod and the Spey casting technique as well as some people who were fishing sea trout for their first time. We have at Kau Tapen a great team of guides who are very good casting instructors so please do not hesitate to come even if you never fished Spey rods before. All of our new guests got some very nice fresh fish and were more than happy with the Rio Grande’s experience.

Our returning guest will said they would come back once again as they really enjoyed their week and most of our news guests said they want to come back as well as there expectations have been exceeded.

This week has been a great success for everyone and we are looking forward to seeing this group next year!

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Fishing Report From Kau Tapen
Fishing Report From Kau Tapen

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