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The Best Destination in Norway, Å Lofoten Islands Report

We all in the office of Sportquest Holidays get to see and hear how all different types of places around the world are fishing and our attention is constantly being drawn to the stunning part of the world know as the Lofoten Islands in North Norway.


Even if you are not a sea angler and enjoy warmer climates, you cannot ignore this part of the world. The fishing opportunities around this area are amazing, from trolling shallow diving Rapala Lures for the hard fighting Coalfish to bait fishing for the largest of species in Norway the Halibut.

“Trolling Rapala Lures for Coalfish is an experience”

Another amazing light rod fishing experience is fishing for the Plaice, now these are great fun on light gear and put up such a good fight for their size. The tactics for these is very simple and fishing bait is just as simple. We like to use frozen prawns purchased from the local supermarkets seem to work so well. With fish over the 6LB bracket being caught, if you love this style of fishing you will love the Lofoten Islands.

Lofoten Islands Best Destination Norway Report
Happy group of anglers
Lofoten Islands Best Destination Norway Report
These boats are the Best in Norway

Our latest report from our camp called Å on the Lofoten Islands is simply amazing on just on Day 1 of these lucky anglers trip they have managed to catch all of their main targets and not just little ones either. Take a look at these stats for their first days fishing:

“Lofoten Islands best place for huge Halibut”

Halibut: 188cm, 170cm, 165cm

Cod: 22Kg & 15Kg

Lofoten Islands Best Destination Norway Report
Hold on to that rod
Lofoten Islands Best Destination Norway Report
Fish of a lifetime and what a stunning picture

Day 2 and the guys have decided to go for the Coalfish and hopefully they will be sending us another awesome report when they return.

Our other destination on the Lofoten Islands called Nappstraumen is also fishing very well for all species and these amazing pictures sent to us from a family getaway are memories set for life for these children.

Lofoten Islands Best Destination Norway Report
One lucky young man catching such a big Cod
Lofoten Islands Best Destination Norway Report
Fishing for the whole family on Lofoten Islands
Lofoten Islands Best Destination Norway Report
The fish are not all big in Norway

Norway is a great place for a family holiday as its not just about the fishing as there are lots for the family to do. There are stunning isolated sandy beaches around each corner if you wish to relax or there are amazing hill works for the more adventurous traveller. Why not even book a whale watching experience, Norway has a lot to offer the family and with it only being a couple of hours flight away we think it could be a great place to take the family.

“Lofoten Islands perfect for all the family”

We have some great weeks still available for this year or if you are planning a holiday for 2021 we can cater for groups on some of the best weeks of the year, so if you are interested in speaking to me about any of these destinations then call me on 01603 407596 and we can put you on to two of the best places in North Norway

Lofoten Islands Best Destination Norway Report

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Until next time, tight lines

Paul Stevens

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