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India Fishing Report

Mahseer Fishing Report India Continues

Fishing Report India I look forward each week in talking to all customers who have returned back from our new Mahseer fishing in Coorg. Its good to hear that as things are settling down the fishing is starting to improve and whats even more encouraging is that fish are now starting to be also caught in zones 3 & 4

The current groups fishing as we write have already had fish to over 42lb in Zone 3. Its nice to see that we are catching a healthy supply of fish in the 20lb and 30lb range. Lets remember, to lots of people these are fish of a lifetime. I also do not think its long before someone lands one of the monsters we know are in the river

Our partners in India have this week requested that all anglers still to travel this year up the line strength to a min of 50lb as too many big fish are being lost. Already we have had 10 big fish lost in recent weeks. Fishing Report India

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We have also had a limited few places open up for 2015 so for all you have been waiting in the wings to see if the new destination will produce, the results are in so its time to book for 2015. Click Here to view all our Mahseer destinations

I would also just like to thank everyone so far for all their help and support, it is important that we build this new fishery in Coorg, as it is something special, very special. As its the last refuse for the Mahseer on the famous Cauvery River. By fishing in Coorg you are supporting the Mahseer, CWS, Mahseer fishing Trust and the local communities.

Regards Peter

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