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India Fishing Report

Mahseer Season Closes India Fishing Report

India Fishing Report Can you believe it, we have come to the end of our brand new Mahseer season in the stunning district of Coorg in India? It has been a great beginning to what must be one of India’s best eco tourism fisheries that we have set up with the CWS and local people. Make no mistake it has been a steep learning curve for all parties involved. However with all customers’ feedback it has week by week allowed us to change and improve things and I honestly believe that the comparison of the last few weeks compared to the first few weeks is almost unrecognisable. Something the customers have enjoyed is the beautiful scenery and the abundance of wildlife, much more than Galibore in fact.

We are already working on more improvements for the next season; details of these changes will follow once they are confirmed. One of the biggest changes for the next season will come in the change of the season we will fish. The area is famously known and dependent on the production of coffee. During the month of March the coffee plants require what’s called a “Blossom Shower” this is where the coffee flowers require a sprinkle of water on them to produce more fruit (Coffee Beans). If the rains do not come farmers around the whole area sprinkle their coffee plantations with water pumped directly out of the Cauvery river and this can and does have a major impact on the water levels and flow of the river. During these periods the fishing can become slow as the oxygen content in the river is reduced to slow moving water, it is for this reason we have decided for the 2014/15 seasons to start at the beginning of December and end the first week of March India Fishing Report

We are also continuing to work on developing our guides, improve the coracles and exploring other areas of the river with the view to open these up with feeding stations for the Mahseer, creating a lot more fishing areas.

One point that must be mentioned is thanks to everyone involved and all our customers, the money generated this year that has gone to the CWS to fund environmental projects has been amazing. I will collect details of all the projects that you as anglers have funded with your fishing. We are also with your support one of the main sponsors of the Mahseer Trust, who over the last 12 months have been doing amazing things to protect the plight of the Mahseer in India. It also goes without saying that you our customers have helped secure the fragile future of Mahseer for another year and long may this all continue. India Fishing Report

As I have said above we have and will continue to develop and improve the operation year after year, however without the support of customers visiting and travelling to fish for Mahseer none of this can happen. Therefore if you have every wanted to fish for Mahseer either check out the tour details or telephone us on 01603 407596 to discuss availability. We have all the dates secured for the next season and in just over 1 weeks time we will open the bookings to new customers (We will always each year give returning customers first choice of dates and weeks as a way of saying thank you for their support) So if you want to get involved contact us now to put your name down on the reserve list and we will come back to you this month to confirm dates we have available for you.

As we wanted to record and prove to the world how fishing can become an eco tourism product, it was important for us to record all the catch data. Unfortunately not all customers have yet returned their catch returns but we will be chasing them. We have collected the data from all the forms which can be seen below. It is nice to see that a few fish close to 50lb were landed, but so many bigger fish were lost. It has become evident that there are many snags that the fish only know too well. It ended up with most customers using 50lb line just to stand a chance. We know of one fish a customer was battling with which was witnessed by several people looked very close to the 80lb mark so we know they are there it’s just getting them out. What has amazed everyone this year is, although the flow of water is less than the Galibore stretch, just how hard these fish can fight. There were many tales of customers being pulled over off their feet with the first run, but that’s just part of the story and the fishing. What was also nice was for customers who tried their hand at fly fishing for the Mahseer while drifting down the river in one of our coracles. These customers found that the Mahseer are very willing to take baitfish patterns. I think this is something that will also improve as we look to explore and open up more of these opportunities in the months ahead.

Below we have put together a selection of customer’s pictures, again we are still waiting on many more but it still gives you a feeling of the season

Just leaves me to say a huge thank you to everyone and hope to see many of you again plus many new faces next year, as the Mahseer needs you. To view all our Mahseer Fishing Click Here

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