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India Fishing Report

India Fishing Report Mahseer Season Starts

India Fishing Report With the Mahseer season just days away and our head guide Peter Spice testing the waters, it is looking like the conditions are pretty perfect. All the final parts are in place now ready for some very excited anglers who have only dreamt of whetting a line in these magically waters are nearly coming true. Peter will be sending us a report at least once a week so you guys can keep up to date with the goings on from the River Cauvery in India:

One of the worst things about fishing, and at the same time, for me at least, one of the best thing is the way that despite your best plans or expectations from a trip, the reality is seldom what you though it might be, and that happily more often than not the true outcome is even better than you had hoped.

I arrived in India last week full of anticipation about the coming months with the memory of my trip here in March this year still fresh in my mind and everything was just as I remembered it. The river was a little higher but it was clearing after the monsoon the sun was shining and in typical fashion for me I was filled with an unquenchable conviction that I only had to cast bait in the water for it to be snatched by a silver fighting machine the mighty Mahseer India Fishing Report



I’m not here just to fish so after a couple of days sorting things out I had a free afternoon to test the water so to speak. And of course life has other ideas to put you in you place and it reminds you that fishing is a great leveller of people, a humbler of greater men that me and a destroyer of ego’s. I blanked, and the next day, this was not how it was meant to be I thought. What am I doing wrong, is the inevitable nagging question that we all ask our selves endlessly as we stare at a stationary rod tip

So next session I tried fly-fishing. Still nothing. Now my confidence is rapidly ebbing away, fifty odd years of fishing experience counts for nothing when your casting goes and every snag in the river or tree on the bank becomes a magnet for the fly and if you do manage to keep away from them the line hits the water like a piece of hose pipe, and then as you wade you loose your footing and wet shorts become wet shirt and bag and acute embarrassment as you notice a bunch of kids falling over with laughter on the nearby bank.


But this is the wonderful world of fishing and the very next session I wade effortlessly, I cast beautiful loops and the fly arrives with a gentle plop. I strip a roach pattern at the perfect rate and bang, over goes the tip and the line rips through the water leaving a wake of spray. After a short but dogged fight a small but beautiful Mahseer of about 8lbs comes to hand. I move to another spot and again the hit, the strike, the fight and another Mahseer is my joyful reward.

And then yesterday, a short afternoon session bait fishing on a spot where I caught last season produces a few knocks and a couple of pulls and them wham, over goes the rod tip and line is streaming off the baitrunner. The first run is hard and the reel really does scream as the fish charges straight ahead, I gain back some line and then it kites right towards a snag. I can feel the line grating and I bend into it trying to keep it out from the safety it seeks, it’s free, but now it goes left under the trees over hanging the bank, this fish knows all the dirty tricks but eventually it tires and a stunning thirty pound fish comes to the net._1

In a few short days from the depths of despair to the elation of success, the worst and the best of this crazy sport that I love so much, not a bad way to kick off the season, let the fun begin.

Thanks Peter for your little update and we are sure our Mahseer anglers will be looking forward and waiting for your next instalment, so make sure you keep checking our blogs to keep up to date with all that is going on and if you have ever fancied fishing this most wonderful part of the World then we do still have 2 spaces left for the 2015 season. if you would like to join Peter then simply call us on 01603 407596 and we can let you know the dates

Tight lines

Paul Stevens

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