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Customers enjoying sea trout fishing in argentina with sportquest holidays

Fishing Report For Villa Maria Lodge Argentina

March’s Fishing Report For The Villa Maria Lodge In Argentina and this week we had 6 guests from USA who had already been to Villa Maria many times in the past: Dave W, Jay, Dave B, Mark, Brad and Jim. Once again, the trip exceeded their expectations and they left the lodge having enjoyed the fishing, the food, the service and the hospitality.

We can’t deny that the fishing was a bit tough during the week. The weather was sunny and not too windy and the river was low and clear. However, anglers and guides had to work very hard to get fish. We caught 61 fish and hooked 89. The average fish p/day p/person was 1,75. Although we are still catching silver and fresh fish, we started to catch more colored fish which means the fall is coming and the fish are preparing to spawn.

We had high tides this week, so we are expecting fresh fish and hopefully they will be big. Some rain in the mountains would also be welcomed so that the river rises a few inches!

River Conditions: The River was very low and clear during the week. The water temperature was good, ranging the 9 to 14 degree Celsius.

Fishing Techniques and flies: We fished with Skaggit lines with type 3 and type 8 tips. There were a few pools where we used intermediate and floating tips. We had a couple of fish that rose to skating flies. In what comes to flies, we used mostly small rubber legs, green machines, tube flies and leeches late in the evening.


We caught 61 fish and hooked 89.

Average fish per rod: 1,7 fish p/rod p/day.

The average weight was 10,75 pounds.

We caught 14 fish over 15 lbs and 6 fish over 20 lbs during the week.

Biggest fish of the week was 24 pounder caught by Brad Freeburg.

Top Rod; Brad Freeburg with 14 fish.

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villa maria report

villa maria report

villa maria report

villa maria report


  1. Simon Pasture

    Great report, I am booked to go in a couple of weeks. Reports are just making more and more keen. Keep them coming please. Tight Lines Simon

  2. Steve

    Hi guys i am a single angler, do you have any group trips planned for 2012

  3. Administrator

    Hi Steve, yes we have a group trip planned for 2012. Its going to the Bella Vista lodge in Argentina, and the group departs on Thursday 16th February 2012. If you want any further details please dont hesitate in contacting us on 01603 407596. Many thanks for your enquiry. Cheers Peter

  4. John Plume

    Guys do you have idea on costings for the group trip? I am a first time sea trout angler. i have fly fished for many years on lakes and rivers but have never do anything like this before. would it be suitable and what tackle do I need? Thanks John

  5. Administrator

    Hello John, the dates, prices,intinerys & tackle lists should be released in the next couple of weeks! We will post a piece about it on here, so keep you eyes peeled! Also you can sign up to our regular newsletter to recieve all the latest information. If you want further information please dont hesitate in contacting us on 01603 407596. Cheers Chris

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