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Sturgeon Fishing Report

Day 7 Martyn Page Sturgeon Fishing Report

Sturgeon Fishing Report Made a choice today to go back to the big fish area I had spent nearly 2 days fishing in vain, despite yesterdays good fishing elsewhere.

Within an hour a fish of 85lb was mist welcome.

I was just thinking of some of my comments about my experiences with big fish early in the season and suddenly the whole visit took on a different turn as the rod folded over into a big fish. Some 45 mins later we brought my biggest ever fish to the bank. At 8ft 11.5 inches and around 425lb I didn’t care if there were no bites after that, brilliant.

But there were and a fish of 50 was followed by another big fish at 235lb (7 3). Magic fishing indeed.

But at 3.30 it happened! I hit a fish that immediately told me I had a chance of seeing if the monsters of the Frazier could be landed. For the next 3 hours I was run around by a thing, until totally knackered and trying radical tactics including hand lining to get it off the bottom the hook pulled.

How big – I’ll never know but almost certainly over 2000lb and 15ft, but even if it was a mere 1500lb!!!!

Can these fish be landed on rod and line, well yes I had wore it out it was just getting it up from the depth without it being totally beaten and allowing itself to be slowly brought to the surface was the final problem. In the right circumstances, current and s bit if help from the fish I would have landed it after another hour or so. Totally awesome and know I’m absolutely knackered. Bring on tomorrow yeehaaaaaaaaa.

Will definitely hit the bar now and headache in morning.

Regards Martyn Page

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