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Day 8 Martyn Page Sturgeon Fishing Report

Sturgeon Fishing Report Last day and aching so much from yesterday’s epic battle that I wondered how I’d deal with any big fish today.

But being a hero (ha ha) I struggled on.

Back in big fish zone and another great day to finish with 6 fish, 3 nearing 100 plus a 190 and 225 on very last cast.

And at the end of another sublime sturgeon experience I can reflect on 35 fish, some very hard days, it all coming round and ending with 3 in the 100-200 range plus 2 in the 200 plus class and of course the 425 prize.

And finally the humbling experience that there are fish in rivers that are so large that it seems impossible that anyone could land them! My thanks to that monster for those 3 hours of thrills, excitement, sheer pain and endurance. I will bare the bruises and aching muscles for days and the humility and gratitude of the experience forever.

Regards Martyn Page.

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