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Fishing Report Canada

Martyn Page Sturgeon Canada Fishing Report

Canada Fishing Report Martyn travels to the Fraser River Canada for some Freshwater action a couple of times of the year in pursuit of these huge freshwater beasts and this trip lived up to all his expectations.

In fact the week he was there, there were so many large  freshwater fish caught and lost that he had commented that it may of been the best he had ever experienced. He was a witness to Stuart’s large fish on our blogs last week and helped out with photo’s and there to give first time visitor Stuart a huge congratulations.

As always, Martyn has given us a great report on his fish over his stay and you will see by the figures that it was a week to remember. i will hand you over to Martyn’s Canada Fishing Report:

4th August 2014

“So good to be back on the Fraser River catching sturgeon and in really awesome weather. Best today was around 250lb

5th August 2014

“4 days into this sturgeon trip and weather still brilliant, fishing slow but getting a few. Biggest came today at around 270lb. Watched a bear come down to the bank feet from us to get a dead salmon, super close”

“Been trying a new variation today, hook and release. If you hook a sturgeon, play it for a while then let it come off it saves getting knackered or having to go to the bank to measure a big one etc. found several ways to lose them today with this new game. CJ tells me the only problem is they don’t count if you lose them. Drat better try to land them all tomorrow. Actually was a real pain I lost 4 out of 5 today including one around 250 and another around 150. That’s not good but least I landed the biggest one I hooked”

7th August 2014

“What a privilege to be at the capture of this 10ft 700lb sturgeon today by Sportquest holiday’s customer Stuart. Absolutely awesome fish 10ft with 59inch girth”

8th August 2014

“Back out on the river today and the sturgeon really turned on. Caught 9 fish for a total weight of around 1,350lb with 3 over 200 (best around 250) plus 5 others over 100lb and a little fella. Totally unbelievable fishing, just adore this place so much, even if my arms and body are a bit bruised after that lot”

10th August 2014

“So the final day of the Canada Fishing Report trip needed to be exceptional to beat the 9 fish day. And it was! A few less pounds total weight at 1275lbs but only 6 fish compared to 9, made up of my first brace of 300lb fish, best 330 plus a mid 200, two upper 100s and a little one. Fantastic fishing. The only unfortunate event – I lost a big eight footer, possibly nine and likely to have been over 400″


“The finally tally for my trip, 29 fish with 22 over 100 including 2 300s and 7 200s. Mind boggling fishing, but I also lost 14 fish ten of which were over 100 (mainly due to them not being that hungry on first few days and not taking bait properly ) – otherwise Instead of aching and bruised I might have come home incapacitated in a wheelchair lol.”

Thank you Martyn for the great report and as you can see from the above, Martyn is hooked on catching these fish. If you fancy doing battle with the mighty Sturgeon then get in touch on 01603 407596 and we will sort out a trip to suit you.

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Until Next time, tight lines

Paul Stevens

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  1. Mathew Rickard

    Next August, sounds along way away, I’m sure it will fly by. Really looking forward to this trip.

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