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Sturgeon Fishing Report

Day 3 Martyn Page Sturgeon fishing Report

Sturgeon fishing Report Slow today the fish haven’t yet switch on the smelts although they are in the river and the seals are enjoying them. Tides are a bit out but should come round in a day or two. Had 4 fish 3 good battlers around 50lb and one mini sturgy, I’ll send you a picture of the little fella (great sign of the good stock balance in the river – fish of all classes). Even fish of this class put a healthy bend in our rods and gives you a very nice warm up for things to come, well lets hope, things to come. I am sure the guides will find the feeding fish and once the tides are right we will be bang on it

Last night ate at duke of Dublin another new venue, live bands and good food plus ice hockey (as always in Canada pubs/restaurants).

Still not seen another boat out which is one of the great things about this time of year compared later in the year, one of the reasons I love it here at this time.

Martyn Page

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