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Sturgeon Fishing Report

Day 4 Martyn Page Sturgeon fishing Report

Sturgeon fishing Report Well best laid plans and all that! Today we decided to go for gold and concentrate on a run where some huge fish have been rolling in last few days. We sat it out not moving (encouraged by the fact that the strong winds were restricting choice in any event). Well 7 hours later with only one half pull and a roll on the line to show for our patience we pulled out and braved the waves in less sheltered waters. Just managing to anchor, things looked up as a suicide sturgeon tried desperately to hook itself before I could strike. It failed and went away, hopefully with battered pride, and me still fishless. Then down came the storm making it impossible – enough was enough return to do battle another day.

Another reason I love this time of year, is that although catch numbers can be less than later on it seems that there is more chance of hooking those monster resident fish. The two largest sturgeon we have encountered have been in April. One of those was just unbelievably large for a fish in a river, almost certainly over both 2000lb and 15ft. But how does one man land such a beast in fast flowing, snag infested water, even if his arms can hold out throughout the battle. Hoping one day I can answer that!

Tight Lines Martyn Page

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