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Sturgeon Fishing Report

Day 5 Martyn Page Sturgeon fishing Report

Sturgeon fishing Report So being brave or crazy souls we opted for the big fish or bust swims again this morning. We bust and had the sense to move out to more prolific water to get a pull or two. The afternoon didn’t come good with this tactic resulting in 6 fish. Nothing big but all welcome after the lean time monster hunting, I also unfortunately lost a good fish, 100 plus but thats the way it goes and we were sure there would be another bite just round the corner. The thing is with these fish the bite sometimes is a little small and we think they mouth the bait first and then by the time you see the bite they may already be starting to spit it out then you strike and just nick them in the lip.

The smelt arrived in huge numbers today, topping everywhere in spawning clusters. Once they start dying post spawning the sturgeon will switch on big time. I got it right timing wise 2 years ago and caught more fish in 2 days then I normally get in a week- my arm muscles grew a few inches as well. Question is will it they switch on before my visits ends

Regards Martyn Page

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