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Sturgeon Fishing Report

Day 6 Martyn Page Sturgeon fishing Report

Sturgeon fishing Report What a difference a parlour full of fresh food makes. Millions of spawning Eulacons (smelts) in the river and the sturgeon have been biting properly today at last. Rods folding over in the rest rather than twitchy poor commitments, lovely day fishing with 8 good sized fish including two over 100 with biggest around 130lb. Even the fight from the so called smaller ones last what feels like a lifetime and once you have latched on to one of these Sturgeon in fast flowing water there is no going back, you will be hooked. The guides use the very best tackle for this style of fishing, even though i tend to bring my own, the guides rods and reels are ideal for doing battle with these fish and come complete with awesome strong reels. The guides knowledge of the fishing is second to none and there is not anything they do not know and will always put you on fish.

Several fish coughed out smelt spawn and several were rolling and feeding in very shallow water as they cruised in mopping up the fresh larder. Brilliant fun I’ll never get tired of this amazing prehistoric creature. Roll on tomorrow.

Tight Lines Martyn Page

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