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Sturgeon Fishing Report

DAY 1 Martyn Page Sturgeon Fishing Report

Sturgeon Fishing Report So got through the ash cloud and just enjoyed the first day. It’s a bit wet and cold but river is looking good with not much debris or snow melt, perhaps could do with being a bit higher. As weather improves the river will rise with the melt so all looks good for spring. The smelt are in as well so the sturgeon should turn on to them any day now.

As it really is the start of the sturgeon fishing we spent today sussing out the river trying to fund out what’s around.

Fish were slow to oblige but saw loads rolling (dusting off the winter) in the faster water. By 3pm we had only landed one small fish. But as with all fishing it only takes one bite. Sure enough a 6ft 100 plus duly obliged to make the day. No matter how many of these incredible fish I catch I am always amazed by their fight and this was no exception with a first run of over 200yds and then the 3 leaps and sheer aggression in the searing runs. Give me more. That was it for the day though. Roll on tomorrow.

Lots changed in town. Went to Frankie’s for meal, newly open and good Italian food.

Regards Martyn Page

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