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Sturgeon Fishing Report

Martyn Page Second Sturgeon Fishing Report

Sturgeon Fishing Report Martyn Page is currently out in Canada, sampling the Sturgeon fishing on the mighty Fraser River, now Martyn is a regular out there and knows a thing or two about these wonderful creatures, so we were intrigued to see how he was getting on…he very kindly sent us his second update and a nice new picture of his huge fish he has caught. Martin fishes this river in Canada at least twice a year and boy this year is looking like a very good one with a good quality of fish and the size is getting bigger!

A slower day but still pretty awesome. 3 fish to keep my arms firmly knackered oh and a 5ft fish lost. The landed ones, 130lb, 185 lb (7ft) and another whale of a fish 305lb at 8ft 2in.

These few days are some of the best big sturgeon fishing I have ever experienced, who says that September and October are best. My results last October, whilst good, were not anywhere near as good as this. It doesn’t get much better. What is more the river is virtually empty of boats and will be for the next month or two.



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