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Sturgeon Fishing Report

Martyn Page Sturgeon Fishing Report Update

Sturgeon Fishing Report Martyn Page is currently out in Canada, sampling the Sturgeon fishing on the mighty Fraser River, now Martyn is a regular out there and knows a thing or two about these wonderful creatures, so we were intrigued to see how he was getting on…he very kindly sent us this quick update and a couple of pictures!

Days one and two were spent search around getting an idea of what was what. It was cold and fairly slow going but had 3 on day one and 4 on day two. No real biguns with best around 75lb.

Day 3 and warm spring sun, beautiful weather to admire the scenery. No matter how many times I come it doesn’t diminish. Just awesome.

The morning was dire with no sign of a fish. Then it all switched on. In the afternoon I landed 6 sturgeon 5 of which were over 100lb with the biggest, over 8ft long and around 310lb. One heck of a work out and magic fishing.

Today, day 4, was outstanding, 9 fish totally over 1200lb with 4 over 7ft biggest around 260lb. Plus a couple of others over 100.

So in 2 days 11 fish over 100 including a 300 and 3 others over 200 and another just under. It doesn’t get much better than that. My arms feel like lead but I can’t wait to get out there tomorrow!!!


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