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Fishing Report Norway

May Northern Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report, hi to all you Sea anglers out there, we have just finished a quick Norway Fishing Report from a few of our camps for the whole of May and by the looks of things it’s a month that you just can not afford to miss out on

Massive Norwegian Cod Norway fishing report LofotenHuge Cod 28Kg His biggest ever Coalfish Norway fishing reportCoal Fish Madness

The month of May is the time for really big halibuts. After the breeding during the wintertime in deep water they migrate to shallow water to feed. Every year, usually some of the seasons’ biggest halibut are caught in May and this has been no exception!

The biggest halibut, by far in our Norway Fishing Report, was caught by Bert Andersson on Soroya from the famous bank “Storskalltaren”. It was the first trip there and the halibut was measured to astonishing 200 cm and became the first fish over 2m in 2014. In addition, they have had good fishing near the camp with many fish up to 170 cm. Soroya has not only been the place to catch large halibuts but has also supplied huge cods up to 30 kg, tusk of 12.6 kg, big Redfish and Wolf fish up to 8kg. This destination has really taken the “big fish lead” although the weather has been rough; it’s the perfect destination for the hard-core fishermen!

She is so happy with this halibut Norway fishing reportFamily Trips One of the best eating fish in Norway fishing reportHuge Red Fish

Next in our Norway Fishing Report is Havoysund, it has also started out well and “suffered” a “cod invasion” early in the season that has hung on until now. It has been outrageous amounts of cod; sometimes from the bottom up to the surface and spot fishing for cod has been a common experience for the clients. Cods over 20 kg have regularly been landed and rods have been bending hard in Havoysund

The large halibuts symbolizing Havoysund have also been catchable when finding a place not invaded by a huge shoal of cods. Several fish between 150-177cm have been landed at various locations around Havoysund and a couple of really big fish have been fought for a long time before spitting the jig out and emerging victoriously from the battle.

Weatherproof Nappstraumen is the next one for our Norway Fishing Report and has had a variety of good fishing where the halibut fishing has come to life around the islands on the open sea. Every aimed fishing trip for halibut in this area has proven to be a great success. The largest measured halibut was around 135cm but unfortunately we have lost a few bigger fish during the fight. Cod fishing has been best on the south side of Lofoten with a top fish of 23 kg. As always Nappstraumen delivers fantastic fishing for plaice in May, and this year has been no exception. The largest weighed 2.5 kg and several fish around 2 kg has also been landed very close to the camp.

30 Kilo Cod from Lofoten Norway fishing report23Kilo Cod From Lofoten Black as your hat Coalfish Norway fishing reportGreat Coal Fish

Out on Vaeroy for the next part of my Norway Fishing Report has the fishing for cod, coalfish and halibut proved to be just as stable as we had expected. Cods up to 23kg, coalfish up to 15kg and halibuts in different sizes have been landed near the camp. Further down on the southwest side has been the most stable of all the places we fish. It is most likely we catch both cods and coalfish over 10kg every time we fish these spots. Halibut fishing on the North platform on Vaeroy is a safe spot for halibut; although the really big ones have not wanted come all the way to the boat from this place, however the two bigges one is caught just 10 minutes from the camp on the southwest side and measured 148 cm and yesterday a new yearly best was caught with a impressive 170cm!

Halibut feeding hard Norway fishing reportHalibut Are Great Sportfish Old man holding a big Cod Norway fishing reportMassive Cod Well Done Holding the Halibut by the boat Norway fishing reportThe Biggest This Year

Hans Börjesson with a respectful age of 65 is a loyal guest of ours whom has been blind for 30 years sets off on a fishing trip every now and then. This time he visited Vaeroy and had a great fishing experience with a lot of cod, coalfish and some halibuts! It is truly an amazing man and he really inspires people to live an adventurous life without being obstructed by his lack of sight. Instead he gives it a try, if it does not work the first time he tries again and eventually he finds ways of managing everything with a perfection that you just will not believe!

When we now approach June the fishing will just get better and better as the spring has been late with persistent cold weather and snow – the real spring fishing is just days from now! Stay tuned!

We already are taking bookings for 2015 and places are filling fast, so if you have ever thought about going and keep putting it off, simply pick the phone up and call me on 01603 407596 before places fill up, you will not regret it

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Paul Stevens

Head Norway Guide



  1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

    Hi, these are great camps and i run many of my Hosted trips there each year with great success. If you wanted any information on these camps please feel free to give me a call for a quick chat

    You wil not go far wrong with any of the above Norway destinations



  2. Mathew Rickard

    Looks like they’ve been having a ball out there. Well done to all.


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