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Mid-Week Peacock Bass Fishing Report February 17 – 19 2018


As the season in Brazil comes to an end, the fishing is still on fire with lots of hungry Peacock Bass more than willing to take a well presented fly or lure. The guides have kindly sent us one of the last reports of this season and hope you have all enjoyed following the going ons over in Brazil. Until next year




Sustainability is a major priority embedded in our preservation community based management program .The season is coming to an end , and we are slowly moving out of our private fisheries maintaining stress levels within the planned maximum of 1.5 mile / angler / season. Once we move out, river communities will police these waters in order to preserve these fantastic areas for the seasons to come.




Dry-Zone S.East
Water levels are high, closed for the season, which is normal for this time of the year.

Dry-Zone S.West
Water levels are high, closed for the season, which is normal for this time of the year.

(beige in map above) Dry-Zone N.West
Water levels are about 3.0 ft. above jungle level and rising which is not normal for this time of the year. The Negro influence is being felt in the lower sectors of the Xeruini and Jufaris.

Dry-Zone N.East
Water levels in many areas are now too low. They are under the influence of the above normal Branco basin receding cycle. Therefore, our Floating-suites are navigating towards the middle part of the rivers with higher waters levels and better trophy peacock bass fishing conditions. This dry tendency is expected to continue in the coming days where no significant rain episodes are forecasted in the Branco basin.



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