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A cracking king salmon from just one of our many salmon fly fishing destinations

Mission Lodge Alaska fishing report week 3

Mission Lodge Fishing Report, always be careful of what you ask for. We all did rain dances, prayers and unspeakable sacrifices to help bring on some much needed rain and just might have over done it a bit. Mission Lodge Fishing Report it was more than enough to put out the fires burning all around us. The officials sitting in their offices far, far away were not convinced that it was enough moisture to allow campfires thought. That only changed once the water levels in our lake came up a few inches. Roughly 600 million gallons worth.

While rain jackets sales in the gift shop were brisk, the fish really loved the fresh flow of water and became vary corporative indeed. King Salmon remained strong on both the Nushagak and Togiak rivers which produced some amazing fishing for all our customers this week.

The Sockeye Salmon continued to run in, starting to slow down now but enough to bring in the beers which was a great addition to the fishing for everyone.

Below are just a few customers pictures for the week.

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a big king salmon from our salmon fishing destinations Mission Lodge Fishing Report

brown bear salmon fishing at our salmon fly fishing destinations hope he does not get all the salmon

lady anglers enjoying our salmon fishing with her fresh King Salmon from alaska

Customer comes face to face with a big king salmon Mission Lodge Fishing Report

Tight Lines everyone

Peter Collingsworth

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