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Fishing Report Canada

New Guide Sturgeon Fishing Report Canada

Fishing Report Canada March is about the earliest that we will start looking at sturgeon fishing and taking anglers out on guided trips.  This is for a couple reasons.  One is the weather can be hard to deal with during the winter (think rain, wind, and even freezing temperatures with snow on the odd occasion), and second, cold water conditions lower the fish’s metabolism and need to feed, not to mention they’re rather sluggish.  But after a few months of cold winter water conditions, the Fraser’s sturgeon begin to awaken with warming spring weather and accompanying water temperatures.

Fishing Report Canada with a huge Sturgeon by the boat

With the month of March, the weather seems to improve and the river colours up signalling a warming water trend which really gets the fish moving as you will see in this Fishing Report Canada.

Clayton, our newest guide to Cascade Fishing Adventures and I went out on a short outing to test the waters and get a feel for our upcoming spring sturgeon trips.  This recent outing produced numerous fish in the 3 – 6 foot plus range, the largest being just over 6′ and approximately 110lbs (see feature picture above).  Bait choice seemed to be “anything goes”, but lamprey and eulachon worked well for us on this day.  Catching the tide may have been to our advantage as we were fishing right on the high tide.  As you can see from the photos, it was a pretty great day for weather, if you were a duck….The rain certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the sturgeon, nor Clayton, who didn’t stop beaming all morning!  This young man is keen as mustard and ready to work hard for you, and we couldn’t be happier with his enthusiasm and obvious love for fishing and guiding.

New Guide Clayton holding a sturgeon Fishing Report Canada

Fishing Report Canada of Clayton playing a fish

Clayton holding a huge white sturgeon Fishing Report Canada

Join us for a sturgeon trip this spring and enjoy the Fraser river valley floor as the cottonwoods green up and the days get longer!

We still have a few spare places for the 2015 season so contact us today if you wish to do battle with these amazing Sturgeon

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Until next time, tight lines


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