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New Hosted Halibut Tour Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway as a company we aim to bring people the very best fishing destinations all round the World. We currently run several Hosted Norway trips a year, which are proving to be very popular, as you will see from all our other Fishing Report Norway with only a few spaces left for 2014!

Our Host, Paul Stevens, is currently running 4 trips a year and he is always actively looking for new and exciting destinations to take you guys too. There is nothing wrong with the ones we go to, just look at Soroya for example; he has managed to get all customers new PB’s with Cod up to 70lb’s we just like to offer something new each year and its this reason why we write these Fishing Report Norway.

The destination that Paul has been keeping his eye on recently is again in Northern Norway, but its the Halibut and Plaice fishing in this area that has taken his interest. We have been together, looking at the Fishing Report Norway and reading press articles about this camp and we really like the sound of it.

The Camp is in an area called Lofoten, which is a set of big Islands on the edge of Norway. This in turn offers superb protection from the winds that can sometimes build up and come in from the open sea, which means that there is always some where to fish that is out of the way of any bad weather.

The Fjord that you will be mainly fishing is called Nappstraumen, which is a piece of water that flows between two very large mountains creating some very strong currents. The currents over years have turned the bottom of this Fjord in to a Halibut and Plaice haven. With a pure flat sandy bottom the Flatfish feel right at home and can be caught very close to the Cabins as you will see from this Fishing Report Norway.

You can also head out to sea if you so wish by either heading North or South depending on the wind directions, which can be very productive for some very large Cod and Coalfish, also the Halibut fishing is very good.

At the camp you will find 4 very well equipped Cabins with all the mod cons and one very large cabin that can accommodate up to 10 people. The boats at this destination are of the very best with them being 23.5ft Aluminium boats with 135hp 4 stroke engines. They come fitted with all the electronic gadgets that you would need to take a trip out to sea and feel very safe.

The advantages of going on a Hosted trip is if you are a single angler, will help keep your cost down, Paul will help you navigate through the Airports and assist you in getting to overnight hotels and the main reason is to help you with your fishing from driving the boats to helping you with setting your tackle up for your desired species

Paul will be running a recon trip later this year, 2013, to test the fishing out and if there was any one interested please give him a call as it will only be open to 3 anglers plus himself. You can call him directly on 01603 407596

We have set some dates for 2014 for Pauls hosted trip based on all the Fishing Report Norway, the tides being right and Moon phases being correct for prime Halibut feeding times which you will find at the bottom of this page. We also asked the Head Norwegian Guide at the camp on what dates he recommends and they were the same as we had come up with.

If you would like to talk to Paul about this trip or any of the other fantastic Norway destinations we go to, then please feel free to make an enquiry on our website.

You can view this Tour by Clicking Here


  1. Fishy Steve

    I have been to this area of Norway and the fishing is outstanding. we had so many Halibut and some cracking Cod. have you got many spaces left on your hosted trip? Can you give me a call as we are very interested Cheers Paul

  2. Paul (Administrator)

    Hi Steve, Thanks for your comments, the area is very good especially for those greedy Halibut. I have been talking to the head guide at the camp a lot recently and i am shocked at the results they had last year. a lot of places in Norway finish fishing around September time but not this place, you can fish right up in to November. He has assured me that the week i have booked for my hosted trip is spot on with the results they had last year. So yes i do have a couple of places left if you would like to join me. look forward to speaking with you

    Kind Regards




  4. Paul (Administrator)

    Hi John thank you for contacting us about my hosted trips. I do have spaces this year and next year if you are interested. i think i have your details on our system , do you live in Millport? if so i will contact you with some information. Kind Regards


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