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New Hosted Saltwater Fly Fishing | Farquhar Lodge | Seychelles


One destination we have been asked about consistently for the last few years to run hosted trips to is Farquhar in the Seychelles.

As we like to listen to our customers we are very pleased that we have agreed some dates in 2017 to start running some hosted trips, so now is your chance to join us to one of the top saltwater fly fishing destinations in the world.

Farquhar is simply a paradise for fly anglers, where one can wade and sight fish to an impressive variety of species such as Bonefish, various Trevally including the ferocious Giant Trevally, the finicky Permit, Triggerfish, Bumphead Parrotfish and Milkfish.


We have put these groups together to be based on a maximum of 10 people per week. Fishing each day will be based on only two anglers per guide, plus the Sportquest host will rotate each day between the group, ensuring that everyone is having a very enjoyable time.

Prime time to target monster GT’S on the fly

This hosted trip exclusive to Sportquest is designed to coincide with the best time of year to target monster GT’s on the fly, plus all the other amazing species.

All levels of fly fishing experience are welcome as our job is to make sure you catch fish and have an amazing time.

New Hosted Saltwater Fly Fishing Seychelles

There is nothing like chasing down and catch monster GT’S on the saltwater flats. Come and get addicted

New Hosted Saltwater Fly Fishing Seychelles


  • Day 1: Depart UK
  • Day 2: Arrive Mahe via Dubai Overnight Mahe
  • Day 3: Depart Mahe arrive Farquhar
  • Days 4 to 9: Full days fishing (based on 2 anglers to 1 guide)
  • Day 10: Depart Farquhar arrive Mahe Overnight Mahe
  • Day 11: Depart Mahe arrive UK via Dubai

New Hosted Saltwater Fly Fishing Seychelles

So many species to catch on Farquhar, Triggerfish, Bonefish plus so much more.

New Hosted Saltwater Fly Fishing Seychelles

Sportquest Holidays is proud to be different and still the one and ONLY specialist tour operator to offer you complete fishing holiday packages from around the world, detailing exactly what are both included and excluded. Plus all our destinations are shown and charged in UK Sterling.


hosted-seychelles-saltwater-fly-fishing-farquhar-05-05-2016-2 hosted-seychelles-saltwater-fly-fishing-farquhar-05-05-2016-1

New Hosted Saltwater Fly Fishing Seychelles

The main lodge on Farquhar and your home for the week

New Hosted Saltwater Fly Fishing Seychelles


  • Depart UK 16/10/2017
  • Return UK 26/10/2017
  • Sorry other dates SOLD OUT

“Please be quick as demand is going to be high”

If you have ever wanted to fish in the Seychelles but had no one to travel with this hosted trip is perfectly made for you. All customers will travel out with Peter Collingsworth founder of Sportquest Holidays and confirmed GT addict, who will be on hand at all times to make sure everyone makes the most from their holiday of a lifetime.

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To see the full trip details & prices Click Here

If you have any questions or want to find out more about this fabulous trip, feel free to contact myself personally in our office on 01603 407596 as I will be hosting the trip.

I very much look forward in spending time with you wading these stunning saltwater flats.

Tight Lines

Peter Collingsworth


  1. Mike

    Guy’s looks like a great trip can I ask how much it is?

  2. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest


    Thanks for getting in touch. happy you like the look of the trip. I will be hosting this one so it would be great to have you with us.

    To see the full details and prices just click on the “Click Here” at the bottom of the blog. The text is orange colour. It will take you directly to the tour.

    Any questions drop me a line.

    1. Mike

      Peter that was quick.

      I see it you know what they say ” I should have gone to spec savers”


      1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

        Funny 🙂

  3. Kevin

    Can I ask what about fishing tackle? not sure I have everything thats required.

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest


      Please feel free to call me in the office on 01603 407596. I can then talk you through all the tackle required. I also have a limited supply of spare rods & reels but I am sure if you come along between us we can make sure you will have everything you need.

      Its going to be an amazing trip and one I have been looking forward to for a very long time.

      Regards Peter

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