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Canada Fishing Report

Nick’s Report Pictures Canada Fishing Report

Canada Fishing Report Sportquest Holidays regular Nick Pete has just returned from a weeks fishing in Canada targeting the mighty Sturgeon. By the sounds of his Canada Fishing Report, and by the looks of his pictures, it looks like he had a great time… Anyway here’s Nicks report:

Had a great trip to Canada. When we arrived, the river was high and coloured with a lot of debris coming down and the first 2 days were a struggle, but we still caught a few small sturgeon. As the river ran off and cleared, sport improved by the day and we didn’t want to leave in the end. We caught sturgeon on all baits tried- salmon roe, stink baits, salmon heads, lampreys and pike minnows and were getting a lot of shy knocks that didn’t develop into proper takes. We didn’t have much luck with photos as the 2 biggest fish went mad in the margins after unhooking and escaped before we could take pics. Biggest of the week was Bob’s 280 pounder and I had another not far off that escaped. Best one we got a pic of was my 245 pounder.

We did witness a 425 pounder to one of CJ’s clients. Felt like rock stars at the end as we were driven back to Vancouver in a stretch limo. Thanks for another great trip.



To view the full details of where Nick stayed Click Here

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  1. BC

    What an absolutely amazing fish the Sturgeon is! I cannot believe there is rivers in the world where monsters such as these swim around so casually…

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