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One of the best Fishing report Norway

Northern Norway June Sea Fishing Report

Fishing Report Norway, as the season is well and truly underway now in Norway I thought I would give you a quick update from our most popular camps in Northern Norway.

I will start our Fishing Report Norway with Havoysund as this is the highest and most Northerly camp you can fish in Norway and is where I am hosting my next group trip. Havoysund is fast becoming world famous for its Halibut fishing and its no surprise when you see their latest results. The below are fish measured as all these fish are measured at the side of the boat and then released:

161cm, 142cm, 141cm, 140cm, 130cm, 125cm, 125cm, 124cm, 120cm and some smaller. This was from 3 boats in a couple of hours fishing

Fishing Report Norway on group trips

Loads of Halibut in our Fishing Report Norway

Along with all the Halibut being caught for our Fishing Report Norway, the Cod fishing has been very stable and with fish topping 27kilo’s the anglers having been catching their quota’s. This camp is becoming so popular that we have very few limited spaces for the whole of next year so if you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about then get in touch sooner rather than later.

Stunning Cod Fishing Report Norway Top tips in our Fishing Report Norway

Wolfish from Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway a well bent in angler Stunning scenery from Fishing Report Norway
One happy Fishing Report Norway Top guide Fredriks Fishing Report Norway

 Next camp in our Fishing Report Norway is Soroya and again is very high north Norway. This is where I run my annual Cod trip to with huge success boating Cod to 89lb’s, in fact I think every one came home with a Cod over 60lb’s. It is not just famous for holding the world record Cod but also in the summer months the island carries on with the huge fish lists.

One very pleased angler Fishing Report Norway

She is impressed with her Halibut Fishing Report Norway one to remember

Tag and release Fishing Report Norway of large Halibut Take a swim on our Fishing Report Norway with your Halibut

The Halibut fishing from an area called “The big cold Comforter” is simply something that you have to witness for your self. It is a little distance to steam out to but well worth the trip. Along with the huge Halibut you can catch is the massive shoals of Cod that surround Soroya and anglers are still catching Cod up to 29kilo’s which is a massive summer Cod. Also why not try a little whale spotting as you can see from our Fishing Report Norway, this camp is so good for this and with daily shows you really need to keep your eyes peeled, as this is something that you do not want to miss

Soroya is the best Halibut Fishing Report Norway you can ask for Fishing Report Norway on Halibut
What a lovely boat from our Fishing Report Norway only the best Super sized Halibut caught in our Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway how to catch Halibut

Orca Whale photo from our Fishing Report Norway

Next for our Fishing Report Norway is Sandbakken lodge which is located beside one of the best looking fjords in Norway and is home to some huge Coalfish and many Cod. The anglers fishing there at the moment are experiencing some lovely weather and great fishing. The bigger Cod are playing hard to get but perseverance is paying off as some of the guys have had them to 20kilo’s. Lots of Halibut showing up and some real big ones being lost. The wolfish are also always willing to bite and anglers are having great catches of these.

His first Norwegian Cod live on our Fishing Report Norway

Weighing his wolfish for our Fishing Report Norway

Stunning Norwegian Fjord caught Fishing Report Norway The perfect views in Norway Fishing Report Norway
Just a little Halibut Fishing Report Norway Double hook up of Halibut for our Fishing Report Norway from Sandbakken

Last but not least in our Fishing Report Norway we go across to the Lofoten Islands and we have two very good camps situated among these Islands that both offer some of the finest angling in Norway. One camp in a village called Å, which is at the very end of the Lofoten Islands and is where I have just returned from is fishing really well and is bathed in stunning weather. The Halibut fishing is what draws lots of anglers to this area as each week there is either a huge Halibut landed or lost either way there are some huge fish in the stream located very close to the camp. The Cod and coalfishing is also very good and guys tend to head further out to some peaks to target these with great catches recorded. Both camps are also great places to spot many Whales and is where I first saw Orcas feeding and believe me if you have never seen these fish in the wild then it something well worth doing.

What an amazing Halibut Fishing Report Norway full of Halibut

These Coalfish Fishing Report Norway fight hard

Whale watching in Lofoten Fishing Report Norway Mother and calf orca's Fishing Report Norway

A very happy Cod Angler Fishing Report Norway

So to summarise our Fishing Report Norway June has been a great month at all our camps and the above is a very small clip in to each camp. July promises to be another great month so keep an eye out for further reports and if you would like to visit one of our Norway destinations then simply call me on 01603 407596 and we can make your dreams come true like many others

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Until next time, tight lines



  1. Peter webster

    great report on all the camps paul looks like they are all fishing well
    Do they all fish as well as this at this time of year
    Your reports are getting me fired up for our trip to havoysund

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hello Peter, the fishing normally gets better from now on. At this time of the year you are best to got to camps that have the open ocean on their doorsteps as the fjords sometimes do not fish great when the water starts to heat up. You will love Havoysund and its only a couple of weeks away now
      See you soon


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