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Norway Fishing Report

Coalfish Everywhere Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report Our lodge owner in Norway sent us a Norway Fishing Report about the recent catches, take a look they’re pretty impressive!

Hi all, just a quick fishing update, the weather has been ok, settled conditions with little rain and light winds. The Herring have arrived in the Fjord in numbers over the last two weeks and this has made for some spectacular fishing.

The huge herring shoals have proved easy fodder for the large Cod and Coalfish, as they swim in the upper layers of the Fjord they make ideal prey for the Coalfish especially. These have been caught in abundance with fish topping the 30lb mark and large numbers of them too. As they can be caught only a few metres under the surface they can be targeted using more sporting tackle, with light spinning rods, jigs and even fly rods being used to land these hard fighting specimens.

With the coalfish being here in such numbers anglers have been preoccupied with these so there hasn’t been too many other specimens landed, however we did have a group of anglers last week land some nice Cod to over 30lb and a pair of Halibut, the biggest of these weighing 35lb.

I have attached a few images of 2 different groups, a German group and a Swedish group of anglers who had some really nice Coalfish hauls. Fingers crossed the Herring stay in the fjord and the good fish continues.

Regards Christian.

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