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Norway fishing report

Fishing Report Norway Season Update

Fishing Report Norway, each month we will bring you a Fishing Report Norway from all our Northern Norway destinations, with catch reports and any special offers these camps may have.

First in our Fishing Report Norway I would like to start with our camp called Sandbakken, which is near Bardufoss Airport in the Troms region of Northern Norway. This camp is where it all started for me and it was also Sportquest Holidays first ever Norway destination so we have a great history with this camp.

Wolfish from Norway Fishing Report NorwayHuge Wolf fish Father and son Fishing Report NorwayPerfect Family Camp Man on his knees holding a Cod Fishing Report NorwayLovely Cod

I actually run a Hosted trip to this camp each year with a huge amount of success, just take a look at my previous Fishing Report Norway. This camp has some of the kindest and most welcoming hosts you could wish for, a family run business,  you will not go far wrong with a trip there. It is ideal for small groups; families and large groups are all are catered for. The peak months for this camp are April and May but the summer months are also very productive

Young boy holding a big Wolfish Fishing Report NorwayBrave Boy Young lad with a cod the same size as him Fishing Report NorwayVery proud Boy Fishing Report Norway of children fishing NorwayGreat Shot

The next camp in my Fishing Report Norway that keeps catching my eye is Havoysund, this camp can be found at the most Northerly point in Norway you can physically get to. If you fancied an adventure then this is the camp for you. It is world famous for its superb Halibut fishing and huge shoals of hard fighting Cod.

Fishing Report Norway of some great looking HalibutGreat Halibut Cod and chips anyone Fishing Report NorwayHuge Cod Huge ling caught in Norway Fishing Report Norway

The camp is very professionally run with guides on hand 24hrs a day and you even receive your first days fishing guided FREE of charge, what a way to kick off your holiday. The guides will come aboard your boat and show you the ropes and take you to some of their secret spots…. On your other fishing days you can simply follow the guide boat taking out the need to struggle with locating the fish if it’s your first trip. One other huge bonus is the fact you get FREE breakfast every day of your holiday

Fisherman in hot tub enjoying themselves Fishing Report NorwayParty Time Drinking beer in hot tub Fishing Report NorwayThe Winning Team

At Havoysund the guides strongly promote catch and release on most Halibut, this way it helps to protect the amazing fishing for future anglers

Fishing report Norway large norway Halibut Massive Halibut Lady angler holding her halibut for this Fishing report NorwayHavoysund Husband catches his own halibut for dinner Fishing report NorwayPerfect Month For Halibut

Lastly in this Fishing Report Norway is a camp that is fishing very well and that is Lofoten, which is a little piece of land that sticks out from the mainland making for some very good and almost weather proof fishing. Giving you sea on one side and the protected fjords on the other.

Cod Fishing report Norway of huge catches of cod NorwayGreat Looking Cod Thats one big Plaice Fishing report NorwayPlaice Erik the guide holding a Halibut Fishing report NorwayGuided fishing

The fishing grounds around this camp are perfect for huge Halibut and massive Plaice, with the grounds being made up of mostly sand and only being about 30 – 40mtrs deep, makes for the perfect fishing areas for flat fish. Each day we get reports of several large Halibut caught and scores of Plaice to around the 8lb mark.

Fine plaice Fishing report Norway LofotenThey are getting bigger Friends Fishing report Norway of multiple halibutDouble shot Norway smallest Halibut Fishing report NorwayThey are not all massive

The camp offers two styles of accommodation, one in a standard cabin or the other in a very stylish 10 bed cabin for the larger groups out there. With the large cabin you get two boats so plenty of room to fish and also with this camp there are guides on hand 24hrs a day who will gladly jump on your boat and help with as much as you need.

Multiple catches of halibut Fishing report NorwayAnother double stab An angler releasing his Halibut Fishing report NorwayCatch and Release

If you are looking for a good mixed fishing trip with lots of different species then look no further than Lofoten

Hope you have found some information in this Fishing Report Norway helpful and if you are thinking of booking a trip to Norway and have a few questions, then please give me a call on 01603 407596 as I maybe able to help answer some of your questions

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Paul Stevens

Sportquest Holidays Head Norway Guide

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