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Fishing Report Mexico

Not Just Big Game Fishing Report Mexico

Fishing Report Mexico is back in full swing we are hearing great reports from all different types of fish species showing up and by the looks of it the Wahoo and Dorado bite is hot at the moment.

The fleet returns each day looking like an out door laundry service with so many flags of different colours flying on the lanyards. We experienced two weeks of spectacular wahoo fishing with most boats flying four to six orange flags. Cindy at East Cape tackle was making several runs a week to Jenson’s in San Jose to restock wahoo lures and steel leader. Dorado numbers remain high and continue to be the stable facture this fishing season. The bite varies from way south to Destiladera to just off of las Salinas. Mixed into that is a good yellowfin bite and of all things for this time of year, white bonito. The sashimi knives have been busy with a good run on wasabi at Chapitos market. Oh yeah there are striped marlin and sails around too.

The inshore scene is doing quite nicely with an abundance of sardina and small ballyhoo providing the fodder for the predators. The lack of guide work has presented me with the opportunity to fish the beach and it has been great fun. Roosters and jacks dominate the action along with pompano, small sierra and ladyfish.

The hot and humid days of summer are behind us with cool mornings, warm days and delightful evening. By far the fall is my favourite season on the Baja for the greenery, weather and fishing, so why not look at getting away from our cold nights and damp days and head over to Mexico where you can put your feet up in stunning surroundings and get your strings pulled

If you would like to book up for next year then simply give us a call on 01603 407596 and we can organise a trip to suit you

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Until next time, tight lines

Paul Stevens

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