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Norway Fishing Report

Packing Ready for Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report Well we are on the eve of our Nordic adventure, tommorrow me and Paul Stevens, head out to Norway for two weeks, to fish the rich waters off the Norweign coast for the specimen Cod & Halibut.

The first week we are hosting our own group trip, to our lodge at the Sandbakken resort, where we hope to get amongst a few fish, have a right good craic and get some good video footage and pictures for the website and brochures.

On the second week we are heading to three new destinations, Tromso, Soroya & Havoysund, we have never visited these before, but are new additions to this years brochure! So we thought it would be rude not to go and check them out first! With what we’ve heard and seen about about these places we could be in for something special!

Anyway we will be blogging everyday and updating you all with pictures and catch reports, so be sure to drop in and see how we’re getting on! Its time I got some beauty sleep now, as we’re being picked up at 7.00 tommorrow, fingers crossed I havent forgotten anything!

Tight Lines Paul

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  1. Chris Administrator

    It’s now nearly one o clock and I really should get some sleep! But to let you know you can now comment on the blog post’s, so please do! It’ll be great to hear everyone’s feedback!

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