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India Fishing Report

One For The Weekend India Fishing Report

India Fishing Report Hi to all the anglers that follow my blogs. This time I have put together a great report of the New Mahseer fishery we have on the River Cauvery in Coorg India. If you have not yet dreamt of catching a Mahseer then you may find your self, after reading this, wanting to put your name down for the very limited spaces available for 2015

After many months of going back and forth to India either by email or actually flying over there, we are now very proud of how things have evolved at this stunning fishery. With all the guides prepped and House owners ready it was time for the first set of UK anglers to fish this virgin water. India Fishing Report

Now with any new destinations there are going to be a few things that need improving and with us calling all returning customers to gather their feedback, things are now starting to take shape. We are acting on things that the customers and we think that need improving such as providing the guides with large landing nets, providing more Raggi so the guides can feed other areas to try and get the Mahseer in this area to associate the smell of Raggi with food.

I personally think this is now working very well with more and more fish coming from different areas and they really seem to be switching on to the smell of Raggi.

Now if you would prefer to try a different method then the lure guys have been doing very well on such lures as Rapala lures and small mepps even the fly guys have been tempting a few. So really, all methods are producing Mahseer so if you fancy trying one of the above and a little unsure on what is needed then please get in touch with me directly on +44 (0) 1603 407596

Feel free to leave a comment and I shall answer you shortly

Hope you all have a good weekend and have enjoyed reading the report and I look forward to helping you book your future fishing Holidays

Tight Lines

Paul Stevens

Fish Stats:

In 4 weeks we have recorded 134 Mahseer landed up to 42lb’s

Lots of 30’s Good number of 20’s And the rest under 20

Thanks to all the guys that have helped us record some of these Mahseer, with your help we WILL make this a brilliant fishery

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