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Argentina Shooting Report

Opening Duck Day Back Home Report

Opening Duck Day Back Home Report A lovely little message from our Shooting manager in Argentina to all you Shooting guys, wishing you a great opening day or one in the near future:

No matter how much you enjoy traveling to other countries and far off lands to sample bird hunting, nothing beats an opening weekend at home. My duck season opens in a matter of days, and I couldn’t be more excited. Months of planning and anticipation culminate in an opening day salvo that makes all the planting, and blind building, and decoy stringing, and dog training worthwhile. Opening day is the kick off of a 60-day parade. A parade of mud, wet dogs, duck feathers and testing the limits of spousal tolerance. But the sights and sounds of autumn recharge our natural urge to hunt, and this time of year help us feel connected to the land once again. It is time with friends and family, time away from I pads and the news channels, time to escape and watch the world change along with the fall leaves.

Whether you hunt public ground and plot your strategy like a miniature invasion, or hunt private land or a duck club, each venue brings with it special moments that you can’t replicate at other times of the year. Meeting friends at a locked gate in the dark, knowing that they will absolutely, positively be on time. Sharing belly laughs and big stories at a gathering on opening day eve, seeing a “first duck” bagged by a youngster, or a first retrieve made my a puppy who has been in training all summer. As one friend told me some years ago, “I love opening day…it’s like Christmas but without all the annoying relatives to entertain.”

I hope that there is an opening day in your near future, and that you’ll have a chance to raise a glass with friends, spend some important time with family, and wipe somebody’s eye by cracking a right to left crosser that speeds over the decoys. Wherever you are headed, be safe with your guns, wear your life jacket, and enjoy the autumn and opening day.

Christmas stockings with our Argentina shooting report
Argentina shooting report of a wonderful splash for ducks
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duck ready to land Argentina shooting report

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