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Norway Fishing Report

First Day In Havoysund Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report and after arriving late last night, we enjoyed a couple of pints (ok a few more than a couple!) in the Havoysund Hotel, accompanied by our guide Eddie, who said we’d picked a good night to arrive, the only thing being they don’t start partying in Norway till one in the morning! I think we all had a good night though, thoroughly deserved after many hours of travelling the previous day!

Not surprisingly we were a bit slow getting up this morning, but we were still in the restaurant for breakfast at seven thirty. Breakfast is free here for all guests staying on site, which is an excellent feature. The breakfast consisted of cereals, toast, coffee and juice, combined with the sea air; it was the perfect combination to clear our heads and made it a little easier to write this Norway Fishing Report!

On the water at eight thirty, we set off for the day, in search of Halibut, the fish which Havoysund is famous for. The weather, yet again was terrible (we haven’t had much luck the last few days!) which meant we had to stay close to the shore. After trying many different marks, without even a sniff of a Halibut, the weather was deteriorating and the sea had really started to kick up, it was still fishable, but very uncomfortable, so we decided to head in for some lunch.

When back at the lodge, we had a quick check on the weather, and agreed we would head out again around four, hopefully by this time the weather would have improved and we would be able to get out to some of the more popular marks.

We had a couple of hour’s kip and a sandwich, before we got back out on the water. This time we were able to venture out slightly further, but Eddie always had one eye on the weather. As the wind was so strong it made fishing with the shads very difficult, so we changed tactics an opted to fish with the conventional pirks.

We found a mark with loads of fish showing on the finder, and were into Cod as soon as our rigs hit the bottom. Nothing big but fish from 6-12lb, these proved great sport and after four days without fishing, they were a very welcome sight indeed. We fished on for a couple of hours, before yet again we had to head inshore because of the weather. At least we’d had a bend in our rods!

When we got back at the lodge I cooked up a good old plate full of Sausage and Mash, after a cold, wet, windy, rough day it was just what the doctor ordered! We had a chat with Eddie and checked the weather, looks like it’s the same tomorrow, so we are off to the supermarket to buy some prawns. Eddie knows an excellent spot just one minutes steaming from the dock where we can have a go for some red spots! (Plaice) Fingers crossed we connect with a few, even though it may be a little early in the year, there’s a chance we could get amongst some fish of 2, 3 even 4 kg! I can’t wait!

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Tight Lines Chris



  1. Bigsis

    Brill blog not sure what the highlight is-the huge fish-the yummy food or the wonderful views seems like u having great time

  2. Paul

    Come on boys get out and show us what the big fish are like, must be so frustrating no being able to get out…feel for you, however great post to show us all what real north Norway is like. Keep them cumin

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