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Andaman Fishing Report

750 GT’s landed Andaman Fishing Report

Andaman Fishing Report and this season we have had moments and experiences that take us back and remind us why we started fishing in the Andamans – one of the worlds best tropical fishing destinations.

We experienced perfect fishing conditions, mainly water temperature and tides. On days the big GT evaded us, we were rewarded with numerous other fish. On more than a couple of occasions over 50 GT in a single day!  Looking at our catch records we had over 750 landed GT this season from November 2014 to mid March! This is not taking into account the fish raised and missed or we would be looking at a 4-digit number by now!! Andaman Fishing Report

We had some massive Greater Barracuda especially on popper including one that was an inch off the current IGFA record. Funnily enough over these last few months, we’ve almost caught more Dog Tooth Tuna on popper and stick bait than on jig. The Andaman Islands are turning out to be a stable fishery where clients can hope to fulfill their dream of catching Dog Tooth Tuna on top water lures.

We have just started what’s panning out to be an excellent YFT season. We primarily pop for these spectacular fish and have had specimens of over 60kgs so far. Andaman

Stay tuned for more news and updates from the Andaman Islands as we have a lot in store for first timers and seasoned tropical anglers including a report of our first ever Expedition Trip and more trips for Single Anglers

Below are just a few of the many hundreds of pictures we have with customers and GT’S

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