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Fishing Report Norway on Soroya

Paul Stevens’s Fishing Report Norway Soroya

Fishing Report Norway wow is all we can say so far. With the intermittent internet that Paul has over in Soroya we have only been getting the odd Fishing Report Norway update but all the news so far has been amazing.

Live Fishing Report Norway with huge Cod

What else could anyone ever want, just so many monster Cod it has been unbelievable, where else in the world would you return 20 Kilo Cod with not even bothering or pausing to take pictures. That is the effect Soroya has on customers

Man holding a huge cod in our Fishing Report Norway

At the start of the week customers are busy taking pictures of 20 Kilo Cod as after all these fish are big fish in any other normal conditions. But at Soroya its the 30 Kilo plus fish everyone ends up chasing and this year like every other year so far it has not failed to deliver the goods.

Huge Norwegian Skrei Cod Fishing Report Norway

Just look at the small Fishing Report Norway we received yesterday.

“Yet another wonderful day up here in Soroya Northern Norway. Just in my boat alone we had 3 x 30 kilo Cod a 31.5kilo 32.5kilo and 34kilo……. along with untold amount of 20 kilo Cod so many we lost count. All the customers were made up”

Head Fishing Report Norway Guide holding a big Cod

Below are a few pictures that we have received so far. Once Paul is back in the office after easter I am sure he will be bringing you all the full detailed Fishing Report Norway.

Unfortunately we ONLY have a few rods left for 2016, so Please if you want to join the groups do not wait as these last places will be ALL GONE

To view this fully hosted trip to the magical Island of Soroya Click Here

What an amazing Cod in beautiful surroundings for our Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway Live from Soroya

Clinton holding a big Cod Fishing Report Norway

He is one happy boy holding his cod up Fishing Report Norway

The biggest of the day a 34Kilo Cod Fishing Report Norway Soroya

A fish finder full of feeding Cod Fishing Report Norway

Even the Cod is smiling for this Fishing Report Norway


  1. Tom Talbot

    Simply awesome, its easy to forget the work of the guides in doing everything and letting us concentrate on the fishing.

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi Tom, you are right it is awesome. Being a guide at this destination is a huge pleasure as we all know that we will smash your previous PB’s

      All the best Paul

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