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Pigeon shooting Argentina

Pigeon season started in Cordoba on May 1

Dear hunter,

Pigeon season started in Cordoba on May 1.

Twenty days ago we had everything lined up for the first pigeon-hunting group to MONTARAZ, including steady decoys, carousels, and robo-pigeons.

Feedlots have also been delivering excellent hunts. And the decoy patterns we use here are different, revolving around wind direction and sun position. So far all shooters are getting their limits, minus one slow morning when the pigeons simply did not cooperate until the temperatures warmed up in the afternoon.

The gun of choice for many hunters is the 12-gauge. But personally I prefer a 20-gauge, which helps you get on target faster and swing effortlessly. Staying still is a no-brainer, but one of the more common errors committed by shooters who are new to Argentina pigeon hunting over decoys is waiting until the birds are within only a few feet of the decoys to shoot. This technique is less productive since your shot string does not have a chance to mature within the best possible kill zone.

Weather has been great: chilly early in the morning and comfortable during the rest of the day. If you don’t want to spend a day traveling between lodges, the combination of shooting 3 days of high volume doves and 2 days of decoying pigeons is a perfect combination. Our dove lodges Pica Zuro and La Dormida are one hour from Montaraz Lodge. So you can shoot doves in the last morning and then challenge yourselves with the acrobatic pigeons.

Typical days at Montaraz include a 7 a.m. wakeup call followed by breakfast and then a short drive to the fields. There you’ll be taken to a blind, where all decoys, guns, and shells are ready for action. Many shooters are amazed by the way a pigeon can be decoyed in. They compare them to the ducks, but obviously on dry land. One more thing for consideration: The pigeon shot takes some practice but following you instinct is usually the best bet. For the best pigeon shot, wait for the bird to come into the decoy pattern, mount your shotgun, swing through the bird in one movement, then squeeze the trigger. Don’t move until you’re ready to shoot or you’ll spook the pigeons before they come into range. Remember, better hunters shoot more pigeon than better shooters

Hope this report helps everyone for his or her next visit with us. Take care, sincerely

Cordoba Manager

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Pigeon season started in Cordoba on May 1
Pigeon season started in Cordoba on May 1
Pigeon season started in Cordoba on May 1
Pigeon season started in Cordoba on May 1

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