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Pluma Lodge Fishing Report

Pluma Lodge Fishing Report 28th July to 4th August

Pluma Lodge Fishing Report

The sixth week started with beautiful weather. We had three  anglers and it was their first trip to Pluma but second time in Bolivia (after a successful week at Secure Lodge), so they were familiar with our amazing dorado fishery. Dave and Bob from the U.S. completed the group of five.

All sections of the river were in great condition and very productive, especially on the last two days when a large amount of baitfish arrived. All in all, this gives us high hopes for the weeks to come.

The Lower Secure was very productive, with more than 10 fish over 20 pounds and 10 fish over 30 pounds landed during the week. Two catfish were also caught by Fabian.

Fishing on the Upper Itirizama and Pluma was very technical as always, but also rewarding, as we sight casted and landed two dorado in the 30-pound range and two pacu in the 10-pound range. We also caught many smaller fish. Machi sight casted to and landed another 30-pound catfish as well.

Fishing this week has been good so far, and we’re looking forward to it getting even better.

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Pluma Lodge Fishing Report

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