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Sri Lanka Fishing Report

Rapala Team Sri Lanka Report Part 2

Rapala Team Sri Lanka Report Part 2 The second part of when the Rapala Team visited our destination in Sri Lanka and this time the weather gods were more in their favour. They managed to get to the GT grounds and target some spectacular fish, which you will see below and with a new very interesting technique:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Team Rapala and GOMOKU – Part II

For Fish On and the Rapala team we were really looking for where to catch few of the GT’s Sri Lanka is getting well known for and to try an innovative light jigging technique called “GOMOKU”


GOMOKU is a Japanese technique of fishing for survival and also a checkers like game, and now Storm has refined the Gomoku way into a new, any one can, concept for anglers.

Gomoku techniques allow anglers to use traditional vertical jigging methods on a much smaller scale – a proven Japanese method of targeting a large variety of species in different conditions. This is an ideal, almost guaranteed result fishing for inshore and light offshore

We decided to give the offshore fishing a go as the forecast seemed to be a little better but there was the chance of another depression building so it was touch and go, unpredictable weather is something we need to live with in the tropics these days and accept. So it was time for early departures at first light with the weather seeming a bit better early in the mornings.

Fred is the first one into a GT, his popper must have landed smack on the GT’s head because he did not need to even move it, he is using a new prototype rod that meant for lighter fish and he had a workout

But the end result was rewarding with a nice fish to start off the trip, we had a few more short strikes that morning before the waves started to pick up and we decided to try out this Gomoku thing!!

Gomoku does work and it works very well, its great fun with fish up to average size and I am sure with luck, you could land fair size fish, but its easy on the body and not hard work with lots of results so something to try out for sure. And it hooks almost all species; here is Aaron with nice grouper on the Gomoku.

Daniel was after an average size GT for the whole trip and he kept toiling away whenever we decided to have a go at the popping, on the last day the weather really picked up and we decided to run in there were big 3.5 meter wavers coming onto the reef and they were starting to break a bit as well, I asked the guys if they wanted to have one pass on the reef before we headed back in to end the trip. The big seas were pushing us onto the reef so we had to watch out, a few casts and guess who was into a good fish… Daniel, deft boat handling and continuous encouragement for Daniel and we have a nice GT boat side 28 kg, Daniel has a big smile and we decide to call the trip.

Moral of the Story never give up!!! Period.

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Tight Lines and we look forward to guiding you one day

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