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Amazing Halibut Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report Red Letter Trip

Norway Fishing Report as December has well and truly set in and most of you are winding down for the Christmas holidays we in the office have just been sent a late Norway Fishing Report from Northern Norway where a group of Danes had an unbelievable trip to our camp on the Lofoten Islands

Man holding a lovely Halibut for this Norway fishing report Norway fishing report of the best Halibut fishing ever

October is a peak month for our camp and it is when a lot of Halibut move in to feed up on the large shoals of baitfish that call this Island home for the winter, which in turn brings in predators

Man in the water in this Norway fishing report holding is halibut Huge Halibut caught in Norway fishing report

They caught loads of Halibut in Lofoten Norway fishing report

Timing is a key factor to this phenomenon as the water temperatures need to be just right and by the look of the Norway Fishing Report from these guys, they hit it right. The three guys purely target Halibut for the whole trip and had their targets set on something big. Now, these guys have been fishing this camp for a few years now and never had dreamt of such a trip. These fish maniacs fished hard from dawn till dusk and as you may be thinking, the more effort you put in the more results you get.

 That is one massive Halibut Norway fishing report from Lofoten

This is just a short clip of the sizes of Halibut they had, Size: 155, 160, 167, 174 and finally a peak of 180cm…… and these are just the big ones they also had lots of smaller Halibut. An easy way of calculating the weight is take off the first digit 180cm = 80kilo. All the fish caught on their trip were tagged and released and we applaud them for this as it important that we conserve these fish stocks so people of the future can benefit from this great sport as much as we do

Man playing a huge Halibut Norway fishing report Awesome bend in his rod catching halibut Norway fishing report
Thats his 10th Halibut for this Norway fishing report Norway fishing report of a red letter day for Halibut

The high light for Peter Kirkby was to catch a 160cm Halibut on a small 85gram Slim Jim in very shallow water, congratulations Peter

Tagged and released Halibut Norway fishing report The smile on his face says it all for this Norway fishing report

A tag going in to this halibut Norway fishing report

He is screaming with happiness for my Norway fishing report Norway fishing report Hugs all round
Two fishermen in a sunset shot Norway fishing report A sea eagle in Norway fishing report

So with the pictures and Norway Fishing Report looked at it is time to start to think about what you want to do next year? What are your targets? And where you want to fish? If its monster Cod or Huge Halibut we have it all but you have to act fast if you want peak weeks as Norway is becoming so popular that booking a year in advance is a must. Simply call me on 01603 407596 and we can make your fishing dreams come true

Norway fishing report with Northern lights

If I do not get a chance to speak with you before Christmas then please have a great Holiday and Happy New Year.

To view this amazing destination in Norway Click Here

All the best, Tight Lines

Paul Stevens


  1. peter webster

    first class fish guys, hope we are lucky enough to get into specimens of similar size at havoysund in august when we are fishing with paul.

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi Peter, it was a great trip for these guys and one that will stay with them for a long time.

      Havoysund is an awesome place Peter, the chance of a few big Halibut is very much on our side. It is known for Halibut and have done very well in previous years

      It will soon be here

      All the best

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