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Norway fishing report

Rigs And Tackle Advice Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report, with July nearly over we have put together a great Norway Fishing Report round up of most of our Norwegian camps and by the looks of things we have had some very happy guys. July can be a mixed fishing month with many different species being caught by lots of different methods from your standard pirking for Cod to deadbaiting for the huge hard fighting Halibut


What a stunning large Norwegian Cod for my Norway fishing reportHuge Summer Cod Norway fishing report of a double hit of HalibutDouble Shot Of Halibut

Our guys who have returned have been full of great Norway Fishing Report from watching moose swim the width of the fjords to 15lb Cod being eaten by monster Halibut! Yes we have had it all this month and it is great to see so many people now taking their holidays in this lovely part of the world.

The more we get to speak to people the more they ask how to target certain species and I find myself asking the same thing: I try and help as much as possible but would love to hear what you guys think. Feel free to leave any comments at the end of this Norway Fishing Report

So, lets see if we can help others out by giving away your secrets:

  1. What’s your best Halibut rig?
  2. What’s your preferred Cod rig?
  3. How to target big Coalfish?
  4. Methods for targeting Haddock?


Norway fishing report of silver chrome pirk for CodPirk Is Best? Shads used for Halibut fishing Norway fishing reportPrefer shads?

Please help us help others that are asking these questions, not everybody knows what rigs and and pirks work best so please leave your comments in the box below and see if we can help

We have put together a few pictures sent in to us by our great guys and girls and families who have been fishing Norway this month and if you fancy catching some of these huge fish then simply call me directly on 01603 407596

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Until next time, tight lines

Paul Stevens

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  1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

    Hi, It is a hard question to answer as so many people have different opinions on what works.

    For Huge Cod i prefer the Big Bob Shads, these range from 430g to 730g in lots of different patterns, my personal favourite is ‘Days of Thunder’

    For Halibut, i prefer again fishing shads. My favourite Shad are made by Savage and are the cut bait range which also come in many different patterns

    For Coalfish, i really like fishing speed jigs in a bright silver colour. These are lowered to the bottom and then retrieved at a good speed

    For Haddock, this is where i get a bit stuck. i have never targeted them just caught them as a by catch whilst fishing for Cod. So advice on this would be great

    Come on guys please help these guys as between us all we must have a huge range of knowledge that we can pass on

    Thanks for your advice


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